During the Cargo and Intralogistics Latin America 2018 Expo gathered more than 20 thousand cargo agents from around the world in conferences from the aerospace, automotive, logistics sectors and NAFTA, in addition there was an exhibition floor where important companies 100 % Mexican from the sector highlighted.


Such companies are dedicated to the supply of cargo transportation, logistics operators, customs, infrastructure, materials management, supply chain technologies, and packaging.


In this edition, the invited country was Singapore opening the Asian market to national exporters.  According with Enterprise Singapore, Asia will have an urban population of 2.6 billion in 2030 and in 2050 will represent more than 50 % of the world GDP; this is why, Singapore can connect Mexican companies with a consumption market of 1,000 million inhabitants of middle class in the Asian continent.



Luis Quintana, marketing manager, said that during the event they presented their materials management business division with electric forklifts and of combustion equipment, as well as lifting tables, skates, etc.  “Electric forklifts are recommended for close spaces because they do not have emissions towards the atmosphere.  But if it is needed to lift really heavy things in open spaces or very large spaces combustion one is used.”


Main Casa has qualified personnel to advise customers and make them “a custom suit” equipment required for their Industry.  The company has five business divisions supplying the entire industry with 11 branches in Mexico including 90 % of all sales.



A 100 % Mexican Company, which has been in the market for 15 years distributing equipment of general machinery of renowned names.


Lorena Rodriguez, commercial director of the Bajio area, said that all industries in need of moving materials can be their customers.  “We work a lot with bottling companies, refrigerators and paper mills.  We are introducing the brand Linde for its innovation products we have such as hydrostatic that nobody in the market has because those are Premium forklifts.”


DYCSA Soluciones Industriales

This company was born in 2002 aiming to provide solutions in Manufacture and Automation, for the industry: Electronics, Automotive, Metal-Mechanic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Polymer and Aeronautics.


Oscar Avila, project advisor, said: “The new trend in materials management in plant is doing a milk route which is a logistics train of pure trolleys with wheels, with one that has electric traction making items mobility easier and safer.  We have endurance equipment from 1 ton and of to six with man walking, on board men and automated man versions.”