MexSteel invests 60 million dollars in Coauhila

The North American company, MexSteel Opco held the opening of its new plant in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila on October 24th, which will provide employment to more than 125 people.

MexSteel Opco (MSO) belongs to SteelMation, a Texan corporation which is property of Doerfer Companies, located in Iowa, United States.

The new plant will produce industrial containers for sites where oil and gas wells are located; this means it is focused to the exploration and hydrocarbon production market.




“The construction started on March 2015, in April 2016 the development testing started and the full time operation started on March 2017,” said Shelby Ahmann, president of SteelMation and MexSteel Opco.  The facilities have an existing initial stricter of 40,000 ft2 and MSO has expanded its operations to include 80,000 additional square feet for its current operation.

“We are planning to add another 100,000 ft2 in Phase II and 100,000 ft2 in Phase III.  When we completely finish the expansion of the current product production, we will have approximately 350,000 ft2 of a closed space for the production of heavy industry.  While we start the plans for the development of different products, we will acquire or build the required space through the next years,” Ahmann explained.

Nowadays, MexSteel has 14 plants operating in ten countries around the world for different industrial sectors.  MSO is the only global operation focused only in the energy, oil and gas sectors.




“The amount of production we will have is a confidential data; however, I can tell you that we will produce an amount equal to the biggest competitor, but with a sixth part of people.  This plant is very efficient,” the president assured.


100 % of the plant production will have as destination the United States and its supplies are obtained in that country as well as in Mexico, in a 40 % and 60 % respectivelly.

Regarding why they decided to establish in Acuna, Ahmann mentioned that there were many reasons, among which highlighted: the quality of people available to work in the manufacturing environment; steel location, since its main supplier is quite close to the plant; the proximity to the oil and gas fields in Texas and the southern United States; the security of Ciudad Acuña, which is among the best along the border; and excellent cooperation with officials from local, state and federal governments.

“We believe in a workforce in Acuna that can compete with the one from any part of the world.  We could not be more satisfied with the quality of the people working for us.  Manu arrive here with little training and they are the best with the knowledge they already have, which is what we want.  When it is necessary, we take those operating machinery to a specialized training for robotics and highly technlical equipment,” he explained.


MexSteel Opco is looking for several certifications from the United States, for the people as well as for the process automation systems, which will be announced in the following months.

“We are always looking to improve and establish the standard for excellence when talking about the compliance of environmental regulations or sustainability programs.  The compliance is not the goal, exceeding the standard and reaching excellence is while we raise our standards is.  It is about a continuous process to be better every day and innovate where possible.  All Doerfer Companies seek to be world-class operations and MexSteel is not the exception,” said the president.




Concerning its market, Ahmann said that it is about one that is stable and with a moderate growth, in which they have taken more participation thanks to their technology.

“We are anticipating an increase of 300 % in our growth for 2018, mainly because our production started formally during March with a monthly ascendant rhythm, while we obtain the capacity of our plant at a 100 % with the current production equipment,” he noted.

Finally, Ahmann recommended entrepreneurs to invest in Ciudad Acuna for the ease to make business with the local and state industrial parks, as well as for its employees' quality.

“Our team at the manufacturing plant has embraced the global culture of Doerfer Companies and we in exchange have embraced them.  We are expecting decades of innovation and expansion with long term relationships with our employees.  Those that have been with us since the beginning, will be developed in leaders for our collective future and we wish to help them grow while they are helping us to learn how to operate better each day in Mexico,” he concluded.