Efforts usually are paid at their moment and that was what happened to Maria Esthela Esquivel Cardona, who at the beginning of her career in the industry settled herself as objective to reach a plant management position and after years of work, the reward arrived.

She is from Saltillo and graduated from the Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo at an early age and immediately sought an opportunity within the industry, same that arrived from Whitaker Cables de Mexico, where she entered as quality auditor.

Later she worked as quality supervisor until 1989.  Then she arrived to Arteaga to the Vanity Fair plant, where they liked her profile and hired as chief of production, where she worked from 1989 to 1993.

That same year she had an opportunity at Centoco de Mexico, dabbling in the automotive industry just when the region was growing and there she was until 1999, starting as shift chief, then as chief of production and for a while as quality manager.

“Afterwards I worked as process engineer at Fruit Of the Loom, where she enter don 2000, but that plant went into bankruptcy and discharged the entire personnel, leaving for the end trusted employees,” she noted.

“Coincidentally during that time, Palliser arrived in Saltillo and went to Grupo Amistad to lease a building, they got the one that Fruit of the Loom was leaving, therefore both administration agreed on performing job interviews to trusted employees and they liked my profile, therefore I entered as production coordinator, I got out from Fruit of the Loom on Friday and on Monday I was working at Palliser,” said Maria Esthela.

“They hired me as production coordinator on August 2000, performing several functions.  In 2002 they named me as production manager and I was on that position until 2009.  During that time I was on the production management of the two plants in Saltillo.”

In 2010, she had the opportunity to be plant manager, in charge of different responsibilities, which until now she fulfills, reaching thus one of her main professional goals.

“The main challenges one faces are constant changes in production, logistics, supply, among other activities developed every day at a company.  Another challenge is knowing how to treat new generations, from millennial until now, create a sense of belonging and commitment with the company,” she emphasized.