90 % of the Gross Domestic Product of the country is generated in the cities and 70 % is generated in the metropolis


The Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry held the fourth consultation forum Towards a National Sustainable Infrastructure Program 2030, hosted by CMIC Ciudad Juarez, an institution chaired by Manuel Gilberto Contreras.


Representatives of the 44 delegations of CMIC were present at the forum. The forum was dedicated to the analysis of sustainable urban development. The dynamics were carried out through multidisciplinary workshops; at each table different topics were discussed with experts and special guests to the forum.


“We need the commitment between government and builders to solve problems and build a more competitive country. Today we have the visit of experts from all over the country that form the working groups, with the support of all of them important proposals will be made to achieve the development of the region,” said Manuel Gilberto Contreras.


During the workshops, they talked about land use planning and urban infrastructure, affordable and quality housing, hydraulic infrastructure for sustainable cities and the integration of project matrices.


For his part, Armando Cabada, mayor of Ciudad Juarez mentioned that adding all the resources of the Federation, the State, and the municipality, will be almost $ 1 billion pesos in infrastructure investment for this city in 2017.


The CMIC national president Gustavo Arballo, spoke about the importance of coordinated work between government institutions and entrepreneurs, to generate development in the country: “The proposal starts with a diagnosis of infrastructure in Mexico, but we also take into account international experiences, as well as technical and tactical foundations to make infrastructure a means to enhance competitiveness, productivity and social inclusion.”


Based on the data mentioned by the CMIC national president, 8 out of 10 Mexicans live in 383 cities and 6 out of 10 Mexicans live in metropolises. 90 % of the Gross Domestic Product of the country is generated in the cities and 70 % is generated in the metropolis.