PID Electronics is a company dedicated to technology development.  It started formal operations in 2013.  For Ricardo Alonso Estrada Rubio, commercial director, the company is a laboratory of ideas.  “Our work is to create effective solutions for our customers through technology,” he added.

The products and services of PID Electronics are based in two aspects:

1.     Philosophy of Lean Manufacturing work.  Helping to eliminate wastes, maximizing resources and guarantee quality.

2.     Technology development to solve problems.  Based in manufacture 4.0 tools: Internet of Things (IoT,) new technologies and communication protocols and use of information (cloud computing, big data analytics, machine learning, among others.) 

The company manufactures different products for the industry, as each company has different needs.  Even though, PID Electronics has its own projects and products such as the following:

1.     Kinnil.  Systems that allow the industry measuring process variables on real time aimed to reduce idle time.

2.     Cedar.  Logistic system for tracking products that enables the user having a higher traceability of its processes.

3.     Caaint.  System to automates and makes load at platforms efficient.

Within the advantages these products offer its customers, are the reduction of idle times on production lines to its customers.  As PID Electronics are the designers of boards, firmware and software, the company can be suited to any kind of process.  “Until today we have not found a process that we could not implement,” said Estrada Rubio.

“We are breaking the paradigm that in Mexico only manufacture is done, that this kind of systems only can be made in Germany, US or Japan, which will take many by surprise, mainly to the baby boomers and X generations,” Estrada shared.

The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Chihuahua, but they are present in Midlant, Texas; Monterrey and Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua.  Their manufacturing process consists in understanding the problem the customer wants to solve, create a model to visualize what they want to build, perform intents to try the prototype, design the hardware and software to then send it to manufacture.

The technology they have to fulfill their own products varies: 3D printers, CNC routers, PLC, machine learning algorithms, microcontrollers, high range computers, IoT communication and big data analytics.

The personnel team of PID Electronics is of 30 people, whose majority is in the engineering team.  “With our engineers, professors and doctors on their respective specialties,” said the commercial director.

At the moment, the company exports only to the United States.  Even though, PID is proud of that Mexican technology is being used in the neighboring country.

About Mexican workforce, Estrada Rubio considers that it is talented and creative, although they do not have the opportunity to develop.  “I have met geniuses that live behind a desk and whose ideas have never been materialized because they had no budget appointed to them.”

For the future, PID Electronics has several expansion plans, among which are incurring in other sectors and even operate in other continents.

“We would like Chihuahua to be the new Silicon Valley in Mexico.  There is too much effervescence in the Guadalajara area, but we know that there is much talent here in Chihuahua.  We want to take advantage of that and with the proximity of the border, use it.  We firmly believe that the way of supporting Mexico is by developing businessmen that generate wealth, jobs and that push so this creation of technology can be seen as something normal afterwards.  From our country can emerge the founder of an automobile line, a cell phone inventor, televisions or computers,” he ended.


More information

Start of operations: 2013

Number of workers: 30

Origin: Chihuahua, Mexico

Activity: information technologies

Products: systems and projects based in manufacture 4.0