Boats and yachts engines subassemblies manufacturers, Mercury Marine stands out from local maquilas for being one of the few companies dedicated to maritime industry.  In 2019 they will celebrate forty years in Ciudad Juarez and are about to expand.  In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Vicente Rodriguez, plant general manager, shared this maquila details settled in the city.

The company as such began operations eighty years ago and in 1979 in Ciudad Juarez.  They activity is the manufacturing of engines for the marine industry, from recreational boat to government boats, going by commercial boats.
According to Vicente Rodriguez, the corporate chose settling in Cd. Juarez for the benefit of the maquila concept the city had, in addition of logistics and proximity to the United States, which makes the region a strategic point for their operations.  Currently, the plant has 130 thousand square feet and has 800 employees, distributed in two shifts.

The subassemblies manufacturing process in Mercury Marine is complex.  An engine could have from 20 to 30 subassemblies, battery wires, spark plug wires, sensors and switches.  The electric system has 800 components, among them copper.  The plant also has a machining area, painting area, electro mechanic and electric assemblies.  For the electric system Mercury Marine has cutting equipment where cables are cut, according to required specifications and completed terminals are applied.  Once the cable is cut, it goes through different processes where the material is prepared for the final part.  In addition, the process has verification points to guarantee the expected quality.

It is important to highlight that harness are built in final processes to then it to a stage where computers are assembled, switches, vacuums hoses and sensors.  This is what is sent to the factory where engines are assembled.
To fulfill this process, the plant has 50 manufacturing lines in which 50 % is of electric systems and the other 50 % is for other processes, such as machining and paint.

They also have a harnesses manufacturing special area for boats and yachts.
“The smallest harness we manufacture is for a twenty feet boat and the largest is for a 55 feet yacht.  This yacht can cost a couple of million dollars.  Its manufacturing consists in one production line,” said Vicente Rodriguez.

Mercury Marina has the technology required to fulfill these processes: machining centers; CMM machines, which is a high accuracy measurement equipment; for the electric part they have automatic cutting and riveting machines.  It is worth mentioning that electric testing of all processes are functionally tested. The equipment for these processes are designed at the plant, some of which are done inside the plant and others locally.
In addition, they have two lines in charge of this control that regulates the engine speed.  This product tests speed and engine safety when in neutral to not activate the engine and the ignition.  “This tester was designed in the plant with local engineers and thus each line, some simpler than others,” detailed Vicente Rodriguez.

The manager also underlined that the plant do not manufacture for distribution, but upon request.
“We manufacture 100 % of subassemblies for the company.  There are no other supplier that manufactures them the electric system, this due to quality as expected.  On time delivery is about 100 %,” he explained.

Regarding relationship with customers, Rodriguez underlined that it is good and that has been built for years.
“There is great confidence since early design stages until launching it into production.  We understand specifications from engineering angle.  There is also the marine part.  We master that part, which is not common locally, here is most automotive.  This add a value to the customer,” he specified.
According with the manager, Mercury grows every year, investing much in technology and innovation and it gains ground within the market.  Currently they are working on an expansion to support the company’s growth.  “We have projects for the upcoming years.  The new plant will employ 300 people once the entire industrial building is occupied entirely,” added the manager.

Finally, Vicente Rodriguez shared that one of the fundamental values of the company is personnel respect.  “A main value is our genuine concern about people.  We are interested in respect each person working in this company.  We believe each time we hire someone we are not only hiring two hands to work, but that they have one heart and one brain,” he said.

More information
Name: Mercury Marine
Beginning of operations: 1979
Activity: Manufacture
Product: boats and yacht engines
Number of employees: 800