As part of a series of initiatives to position the state of Chihuahua and its economy on a better level, the Energy Cluster closely collaborated with Daniel Chacon, director of Energy from the Mexico Climate Initiative, to promote the use of renewable energies through the program known as “Solar Bonus.”

This initiative seeks, specially, redirect the electrical subsidy received by 96 % of homes in Mexico and avoid paying 60 % of the electric energy cost consumed at homes.  In turn, this amount will be used to subsidy the installation of solar panels in these homes.

According to the Electrical Federal Commission (CFE, by its Spanish initials) this subsidy, in 2017 was of 120 billion pesos, what exceeds the budget of several Ministries, such as Tourism, it is a third part for the Ministry of Health.

“With this amount, Mexican families will be saving up to 65 % of the installation of solar panels on their homes,” explained Chacon.
The reason for this to be possible is that, historically, the subsidy has increased, while the cost of solar panels has decreased, since in 2013 it was of 100 billion pesos.

Likely, despite savings, another effect will be that families will be self-sufficient in power generation of their home.  “Its event will imply that they have a capability little higher than what they really need, they can inject the surplus into the network and, according to lay, be paid for this energy,” he said.

Chacon additionally mentioned that CFE is willing to open path to those renewable energies.

Meanwhile, Carlos Yates, director of ProMexico, member of the Energy Cluster, explained that the group is willing to support that initiative.  “We will be looking for a ling with CFE to fulfill an approach that consists in a pilot plan that can be expanded to the rest of the country,” he ended.