The first Golf Tournament Fondo Unido Chihuahua was held on November 2nd at the Club Campestre de Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, with the objective of collecting resources for the program “Construyendo Nuestro Futuro” (Building our Future,) as well as to promote networking among employees from companies participating at Fondo Unido Chihuahua and involve other companies from our community.


126 players from Cd. Juarez, El Paso, TX and from the City of Chihuahua participated in the tournament, who in addition of enjoying the tournament, had the opportunity of learning about the programs of the organization and the impact they have in the community.


1st place

Javier Fernandez

Dante Gonzalez

Rafael Moran

2nd place

Jorge Clarke

Oscar Clarke

Jose A. Betancourt

3rd place

Armando Corona

Enrique Perez

Rogelio Gonzalez



Johnson&Johnson | APTIV | Counselors International Abogados | Lear Corporation

 Edumex | Foxconn

ATM | Euro Vehiculos | Lexmark | Transformaciones Metalicas | Viva Constructora


Building Our Future

It is an initiative of the Fondo Unido Chihuahua, which as of the semester August – December 2018 strengthened the scholarship program by transforming it in a comprehensive support for the scholarship student acquires the necessary tools to increase his possibilities for success in the work environment. 

“Construyendo nuestro futuro” supported 230 students as of August – December 2018, adding to the six months tuition payment of the Fondo Unido scholarship three components:

·         The payment of up to six levels of English classes

·         Competences for life workshop

·         Participation of a volunteering activity per semester


Since 2011 to this date, Fondo Unido Chihuahua has provided 4,700 students of high educational level with scholarships, and 3,088 youngsters of high medium education level.

About Fondo Unido Chihuahua

We are a nonprofit organization that joins people, companies, programs and organizations to contribute improving the life quality of each one of the communities where we are.

We receive voluntary contributions from companies and employees to, together with Civil Society Organizations and Public Education schools, implement programs and projects on educational, health and income areas.

Currently 142 plants from 37 corporates participate in Fondo Unido Chihuahua, throughout 15 states/46 cities from the Mexican Republic.