World Trade Center Nuevo Laredo began formally initiating the operations of its representative office on the border, which will boost local economic growth through global business connections.

The construction of the new business center, planned on a plot of more than 15 hectares, will require an investment of close to 100 million dollars and, according to the plan, will begin in the middle of the second half of this year.

Scott Ferguson, executive director of the WTCA and Carlos Ronderos, regional director for Latin America of WTCA, delivered the license to operate in Nuevo Laredo facilities of the recognized world brand, as well as the flag that will represent it in the city.



The representative office of the World Trade Center in Nuevo Laredo is number 71 of the WTCs that open in North America and the number 13 that starts its operations in Mexico to be part of the largest and most influential business network in the world that currently has 328 licenses to operate its facilities in 91 countries and regions.

Scott Ferguson thanked the invitation and stressed that WTCA has more than 300 partners throughout the world, and it is a great satisfaction to see how cities are activated in economic terms when a WTC arrives, and a clear example of this is Nuevo Laredo.

"Our members are business activators, they invest, they hire and they create value. I think that in the next 10 years there will be a space for that network that is more valuable than ever, "he said.

Although there is a belief that this brand is only installed in large cities, the truth is that this is an idea far from reality.

"It's something I often hear, it's not the size of the city, it's like they say: 'It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the dog's fight', I think the key to the city is that It is incredibly active and what I have seen in the last few hours is that it is strongly represented by the State, part of the sector, the investors and the community, clearly the city is collaborating with the community to work to promote it, "he said.

He commented that in Nuevo Laredo it was a work of months and has the profile of an emerging economy, which is ideal for the brand.

"The World Trade Center is a unique association of 330 members around the world in 91 different countries, cities are clearly emerging as economic generators and engines of each country," he said.

In this way WTC is located in cities, where there is a possibility of development, so it is not exclusively anchored to the metropolis.

Carlos Ronderos stressed that the WTC Nuevo Laredo is number 56 in Latin America and represents great development opportunities for this border, which will undoubtedly support.

"Count on all of us to be a successful center and to benefit the development of the region, the city and good business for entrepreneurs in the region," he said during the ceremony.



In August 2017, Carlos Ronderos and Martin Salloum, regional director for North America of WTC, visited Nuevo Laredo as first approach to explore the possibility to settle offices in this city and they interviewed with representatives from the Municipal and State Government.

After hard negotiations from the Government of Nuevo Laredo, and due to the great economic growth potential, its international commerce infrastructure and the importance on industrial development of this city, Nuevo Laredo’s application was approved to open WTC facilities, and later, the permit for its settlement was approved, a process Nuevo Laredo achieved concluding in 18 months, when it takes up to 3 years for most of the cities.

The secretary of Economic Development in Nuevo Laredo, Francisco Javier Solis Morales said that WTC will be the new economic development engine in the city with an important trigger for this border and the region of Laredos regarding connectivity, as they are already part of the largest business network in the world.

“We are definitively seeking it being a service 24/7.  A project that will have service areas, business connections and entertainment: an attractive concept for Nuevo Laredo that sets it as the most competitive city from the country’s border point of view,” he said.

WTCA is the largest nonprofit association worldwide in networking matter and business promotion among countries, from there the anticipated impact for investment attraction in Nuevo Laredo.



World Trade Center Nuevo Laredo will provide the regional business sector interaction opportunities, investment and trade exchange with the 328 WTC offices located in 81 regions and countries through the following services:

·      WTCA world business network access

·      Multimedia platform of information and citizen interaction

·      Commercial missions to innovation and commerce poles at national and international level

·      Attraction of the main industrial cluster congresses in the area

·      Commerce content generator and of local and international economic development

·      Activities development to increase competitiveness among member companies

·      Update and continuous education programs

Cultural and artistic events