It is important to make better decisions, regarding economic development as well as in social and educational

What is the ICCE?

The Institute for Competitiveness and Foreign Trade of Nuevo Laredo, municipal organism that works as a platform where are involved main actors immersed in the economic development and competitiveness, with the objective of making the best decisions for municipal progress.

The ICCE was born in 2012 and is integrated to the Municipal Government, higher education institutions, deans, presidents from productive organisms that lead the city such as the Association of Customs Brokers, industrials, Chambers of Commerce, CANACINTRA, INDEX, CANACINTRA, INEGI, Northern Border College which performs studies and projects, as well as the consulates, in Laredo, TX as well as in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.


In this modality of municipal sector organisms are sought better Government practices, more efficient and better addressed, since there are leaders of Government, from the educational system and productive where better decisions are made which have to see with progress.  “The idea is to implement this modality in all municipalities, since it is in fact a good way of acquiring a vision of the needs, of the cities’ development requirements and better decisions can be made,” said Jorge Vinals Ortiz de la Pena, general director of the Institute for Competitiveness in Nuevo Laredo.


Why Competitiveness is important?

It is very important to generate an awareness that allows understanding what Competitiveness involves, it includes youngsters as businessmen; in fact, it involves the productive sector in general, since for competitiveness there are no ages.  Nowadays, we are living within a brutal competition world in which is necessary to be professionalized 100 %; Mexicans have great skills; but there is a lack of a big opportunities area which is to “measure” competitiveness through indicators.


For what?

  1. In order to have a bigger and better vision of the environment and a clear perception of what we can do
  2. This will allow making better decisions, in economic development, as well as in social and educational development; sector which deep decision making is important, since the educational system is fractured due precisely to not making deep decisions or a team with the productive sector, the academic and the Government.


Which actions can be implemented in education?

I think it is important, that as in education, economic development and social development, to see them as they were companies and manage them with measurement indicators in order to permeate the information to all senses and make the correct decisions.

Today in competitiveness, it is not only about verifying, but prevention has to be made to visualize the existing opportunities, “the people that does not place an added value to what they do is a burden,” it is important to do something additional that make us having competitive advantages, and that is done based on information.


Opportunities seekers

“Instead of being problems solvers, the bet today is on being Opportunities Seekers, as it is important to measure to go – private initiative as well as private and Government – and demand ourselves to make us more competitive,” said Jorge Vinals Ortiz de la Pena, general director of the Institute for Competitiveness of Nuevo Laredo.


How all sectors are working?

ICCE is currently measuring the indicators settled by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO, by its Spanish Initials) private initiative organism where competitiveness for Mexico, the States and Municipalities is measure on Transparency and Public Finances areas and in the operative area, where infrastructure, education, economic development, social, safety and others converge.


Currently we are sharing information with the productive sector through the State Council for the Economic Development and Competitiveness (CEDEC, by its Spanish initials) in coordination with the State Government to all business leaders, this aimed to know and start measuring.


“In Tamaulipas we have a big opportunity, because we have too much to do, and in addition this give us opportunities to compare ourselves to other areas that have done positive things,” Vinals underlined.


It is important to highlight that the ICCE, which is part of the CEDE, is already immersed in the IMCO evaluation tables, what allows having access to know the decision making.  Vinals highlighted that they are creating the socioeconomic records where it is included the information and statistics of all socioeconomic axis of the municipalities, this serves for entrepreneurs, students investors and academics to know what the different socioeconomic have.


Do you want to know how is the country and in particular Tamaulipas in indicators?

Through competitiveness indexes (globally, nationally and urban,) IMCO or Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, seeks providing useful information for the design, monitoring and follow-up of national public policies for competitiveness and economic development in Mexico.