Leader in the wind energy sector 

Vestas company, a leading wind energy company, will install a production plant in the municipality of Reynosa, generating new jobs and a significant economic spill for the entity.


On a two-day trip, July 11th and 12th, the Governor visited the offices of Vestas and its development center in Aarhus, as well as its production facilities in Ringkøbing. “We have been impressed by Vestas ability for innovation and productive strength. We are proud that the company will build its only production facility on the country in our state,” said Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.


Governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza De Vaca traveled to Denmark to visit Vestas facilities in the cities of Aarhus and Ringkøbing.

Accompanied by the Energy Commissioner in Tamaulipas, Andres Fusco Clynes, the president explained to transnational officials the state's competitive advantages not only for the development of wind energy parks, but also for the installation of a plant dedicated to the production of Components of their generators, in this case, its last generation blades.

“Tamaulipas not only has a quality wind resource but its infrastructure - such as the future port of Matamoros - universities and attractive investment framework, make the State a nerve center for the development of wind energy. Under the leadership of the Governor Cabeza de Vaca, we hope to contribute to making Tamaulipas the spearhead of the Mexican wind power sector,” added Angelica Ruiz, Vestas General Manager in the area.

Fusco Clynes stressed that the strategy promoted by the Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca since he was Senator promoting the Energy Reform, has been in the sense of generating wealth for local entrepreneurs.

“For us it is a big step to say that there is a component of the wind turbine that is going to be manufactured in Tamaulipas because it is the first step for the entire local productive chain to detonate,” explained Fusco Clynes.

The V136 blades, which are the most advanced currently in the industry, will serve to meet the local demand and this area of the North American continent.

The company will begin the construction of its plant in the west of the municipality of Reynosa between August and December of this year.

Thanks to its natural resources, the State of Tamaulipas aspires to become a benchmark in Mexico's Energy Reform and a major contributor to achieving the national target of 25 % of clean energy in 2018 and 35 % in 2024.  “Our goal is to reach being the first Mexican state in wind generation,” said Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

Vestas installed its first turbine in Tamaulipas in 2014 (El Porvenir, 54 MW.)

Since then, the entity already has more than 300 MW installed by Vestas in record time.