In September 2017 Mexico Industry Tamaulipas announced that the American company TPI Composites – the largest manufacturer of wind blades – will settle an operations plant in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.


This today is a reality, since in October 2018 they opened their new operations plant in which they presented before state, municipal authorities and special guests the first wind turbine blade built by the American company in this border city, which started operations in August this same year.

The new industrial plant of TPI Composites is located at Las Ventanas Industrial Park, and will generate 1,500 jobs through 6 production lines in their first stage; starting operations on their first phase with two production lines.

For the settling of the company TPI Composites, an investment of 80 million dollars was registered and the production generated will be addressed mainly to Mexico, Central America and South America, being their main customer the company Vestas.

Competitive Advantages

Mark Mc Feely, Chief Operating Officer at TPI Composites, underlined that Matamoros is a city offering several competitive advantages regarding geographic location and quality in workforce.

The blades manufactured at the plant located in Matamoros will have a longitude of 67 meters and will be moved by land, railroad and sea to their destinations in different countries of the American Continent.

With the installation of TPI Composites in Matamoros, four international companies which are direct suppliers of the company will start their installation and operation in a short term in the city, generating about 500 additional jobs in the entity.

TPI Composites is not only a company that will generate a safe and direct job in the city of Matamoros, but its arrival will provide economic stability to the industry and the entity.