7 employees of the company were benefited

"The industrial union of foundry workers, operators, shipowners and other related branches of Reynosa, Tamps, thanks the SMP company and the company for the support provided to employees during the contingency by the floods that occurred a few months ago in the city from Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Within the facilities of SMP in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, the fundraising for the donation delivered to those affected by the rains was carried out.


• Julio Picazo, union delegate


• Amada Rodríguez, production superintendent


• José Sigala, manager of materials


• Chris Alviso, production manager

• Juan Corona, quality manager


• Alejandra Ramón, human resources manager


• Carlos Elías López, secretary of political action


• Reynaldo Garza Elizondo secretary general


• Luis Garza, plant manager

During the official delivery of the collected funds were present:

Employees affected in their homes by the rains received with much pleasure and gratitude accepted the donation, a situation that they would not have expected, but shows the interest and commitment of Standard Motor Products Inc. with its employees, all a sign of solidarity and human values ​​that shows the company


• Pablo Idén Gaytán Martínez

• Jorge Armando De la Cruz Camarena

• Elizabeth Sáenz López

• Cirilo García Castro

• Carlos Daniel Oyervides Campos

• Quintín Leonor Domínguez Juárez

• Ernesto Gregorio Pérez


The objective of the Corporate was to join efforts so it was possible to raise the amount of 7 thousand 500 dollars for the most affected employees.

This donation was made on August 30, with a special breakfast at the SMP Four Seasons facilities in Mexico.

For the most affected people living in the neighborhoods of Riveras de Rancho Grande, Aquiles Serdan and Ferrocarril Poniente, the material damage was caused by household items, walls, doors, mattresses, and collapses in the roof part of some houses. Seeing this terrible situation, they took the task of making a collection to provide a donation to the division in the city of Reynosa - Temperature Control Division, which is made up of SMP Four Seasons de México, SMP Enginee Management and Standard Motor Products of Mexico.

Standard Motor Products, Inc., is committed to promoting the development of its employees and shows it supporting in precarious situations such as those that arose in July of this year, where two-day heavy rains occurred affecting several of its employees, the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.