During the work tour to Italy, the governor of the State of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, held an approach with the Confederation of Industry (COFINDUSTRIA), corresponding to the downtown area comprising the cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Modena .

Cofindustria is the body responsible for promoting economic openness to foreign markets and is represented by Alessandro Rossi, head of the office in Modena and Davide Ansaloni, in the area of ​​International Business Development, with whom the Governor of Tamaulipas held the meeting.

The Confederation of Industry is composed of more than 120 professionals who offer their members a wide range of services, such as: relationship with tax authorities, chambers of commerce and the financial sector.

Cofindustria is also in charge of improving the opening of Italy to foreign markets, which is why it held a meeting with the governor of Tamaulipas in order to seek alliances with Mexico, and in particular with this State.

The Italian confederation represents 3 thousand 200 companies and the main sectors that stand out are: machinery, food, automotive, biomedical, ceramic, textile and information technology

It is noteworthy that the industry in Bologna, Ferrara and Modena represents 34 billion dollars in annual exports.

The region has leading companies worldwide, in addition to strategic sectors that are similar to those that Tamaulipas has, such as automotive, biomedical, machinery and equipment, among others. The clusters are integral, they produce final products, but also the machines.