In 2018 the start of new projects that will record an investment in the state of 1,000 million dollars is expected.


In the first nine months of 2017, Tamaulipas broke the record of the last 17 years in job creation with 36,000 vacancies; only in Reynosa 18,000 new posts were created. These figures exceed those of 2016, the year in which 15,000 new job places were created.



Investments arrival

The municipalities that will benefit from the arrival of investments during 2018 are Matamoros, Tampico, Nuevo Laredo, Mante and Reynosa, in the latter, thanks to its geographical location, there are 15 expansions.


However, the goal for 2018 is to attract new projects and currently there are 19 that are already in process to start operations in Mexico. It is expected that these projects can be completed in the first months of this year and that they register an investment of 1,000 million dollars and generate 9,000 new jobs.


The foregoing shows that despite the economic and macroeconomic variables, Tamaulipas continues to be one of the most important states in Mexico in the generation of jobs.



With 2017 recently ending, the excellent results registered in the industrial market of this border city were observed with satisfaction when closing the third quarter of the year with more than 5 thousand jobs generated and 1 million 700 thousand square feet in expansion projects and in new industrial building constructions.


The sectors that registered movement were the automotive, plastics injection, medical, logistics, electronics, remanufacturing and printing.


Expert’s opinion


In Reynosa 2017 has been a record year and I believe that by the end of the year a considerable improvement could be seen.  In 2016 it closed in Reynosa with 1 million 700 thousand square feet.  “This was a better year for Reynosa regarding absorption of square feet; however also concerning jobs, since there was a strong demand and a small offer, nevertheless this situation is leveling,” said Soraya Young, marketing manager at Grupo Rio San Juan.


Projects that are being observed in Reynosa will include more than 1 million square feet, and represent almost 4 thousand new jobs that could be generated in Reynosa.  To satisfy this need, some companies are appealing to other States in the Mexican Republic such as Zacatecas, Puebla and Matamoros.


All sectors are growing, although the upturn continues of the automotive sector; however it is a good sign to see the growth in all sectors, and this shows that the market is strong and that in fact companies are preparing.  There could be an investment growth in other places, but currently in Mexico it continues to be one of the most competitive places in costs and the closeness with the strongest market continues to be an important strategy for companies.


Available industrial buildings

Class “A” available industrial buildings availability is low, as there is only half million square feet.  On the other hand, Class “B” and Class “C” have great availability; however, there is the problem that there are not enough.


Construction projects are being observed, and there is only one company that represents more than half million square feet.  The company XPDEX made its expansion of 60,000 square feet, while VISTEON is building a new industrial building in the Colonial Industrial Park, with an extension of 115 thousand square feet and the generation of at least 500 jobs.


Another project observed the absorption of more than 600 thousand square feet in Reynosa, this is a project that already exists and the project will be starting by preparing the industrial building.  “For us, compared to other States or Municipalities in Mexico, Reynosa is advancing fast,” said Ralph Garcia, vice-president of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation.


Talking about growth percentages, Reynosa goes up compared with other municipalities, and it is a sign of it continues being an attractive city, despite the violence problems affecting the perception, since companies continue operation, employees continue working, Americans continue going to Mexico without problems; in addition of observing the interest from other municipalities which are seeing Reynosa growing.


Today a large number of brokers is arriving to Reynosa, having tours by the municipality to recognize everything available because they see it as an advantage, “there is a strong growth, a strong synergy that exists,” and they wanted to be part of that synergy.


“News are good for the city, there are advanced talks with 4 companies interested in being installed in the city, it is a matter of short time for they starting whether its construction or operations,” said Mario Villalpando, secretary of Economic Development in Reynosa.

We want to find the formula to incentive, call and promote people working with the maquila industry.  There are 132,451 workers registered before the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS by its Spanish initials) in Reynosa from the transformation industry, where 61.76 % of a total of 214,456 belong to the registered activities.

Name: Kern Liebers

Finsa Oriente Industrial Park

Automotive sector

116,800 square feet

300 jobs


Name: Kongsberg

El Puente Industrial Park

Automotive Sector

74,210 square feet

150 jobs


Name: Technimark

Reynosa Norte Industrial Park

Plastics Injection Sector

42,500 square feet

20 jobs


Name: Saint Gobain

Reynosa Industrial Park

Medical Sector

45,000 square feet

200 jobs


Name: TRW ZF

El Puente Industrial Park

Automotive Sector

55,000 square feet

30 jobs



Colonial Industrial Park

Automotive Sector

115,000 square feet

500 jobs


Name: Saint Gobain

Prologis Pharr Industrial Park

Medical Sector

30,000 square feet

15 jobs


Name: Cequent

Prologis Pharr Industrial Park

Automotive Sector

37,200 square feet

100 jobs


Name: Impulso

El Puente Industrial Park

Logistics Sector

25,000 square feet

25 jobs


Name: Promotora Merhen

Reynosa Industrial Park

Remanufacture 3PL Sector

60,000 square feet

100 jobs


Name: Panasonic

del Norte Industrial Park

Electronics Sector

40,000 square feet


Name: Ametek

Villa Florida Industrial Park

Electronics Sector

90,000 square feet

300 jobs


Name: Impresos RTM

Villa Florida Industrial Park

Printing Sector

64,583 square feet

70 jobs


Name: Almacenes Ibarra

Villa Florida Industrial Park

Consumables Sector

126,452 square feet

20 jobs


Name: Corning Cable Systems

Del Norte Industrial Park

Electronics Sector

530,090 square feet

4,000 jobs


Name: DSV Solutions

del Norte Industrial Park

Logistics Sector

72,650 square feet

80 jobs


Name: IDL

Villa Florida Industrial Park

Logistics Sector

30,000 square feet

5 jobs


Name: Convatec

del Norte Industrial Park

Medical Sector

20,000 square feet

40 jobs


Name: Kauffman

Al Kimco Reynosa

Automotive sector

50,472 square feet

100 jobs


Enrique Castro Septien, president of Index Reynosa


“Reynosa continues growing in the manufacturing industrial sector, it currently has a demand of more than 10.000 jobs, those vacancies are been seek and we believe that with the expansion of some companies  which are already established in the area and that soon will carry out their expansions, that demand can be covered.  Markets are smart and they will know better where to establish; thus the scenario for 2018 in Reynosa is stable and positive.”



2017 was one of the best years since several decades in Matamoros; during the first semester of the year, the industrial sector has been stable and rising, increasing the production of many companies, which resulted in hiring more personnel.  In the second semester of 2017, was seen the arrival of different industrial buildings as well as the expansion of others, what took Matamoros to be positioned again with great stability in the maquila sector.


“For 2018, we will have the expansion of other companies that are already considering as the opening of TPI Composites that will bring a great increase in jobs for the city,” assured Arturo Gomez Ibarra, secretary of development and job promotion in Matamoros.


Companies already installed and operating in Matamoros:


Name: Inteva Products 

Activity: automotive

Product: manufacture of vehicles parts

Location: Finsa Park

125 thousand square feet

Jobs: 800


Name: Key Safetys 

Activity: automotive

Product: manufacture of wheels and safety systems

Location: La Alianza Industrial Park

120 thousand square feet

Jobs: 1400


Name: Polytech 

Activity: automotive

Product: seats and accessories for vehicles interiors

Location: Cuidad Industrial

122 thousand square feet

Jobs: 853


Name: Cts

Activity:  electric

Product: manufacture and assembly of electric and electronic equipment for vehicles

Location: Cuidad Industrial

115 thousand square feet

Jobs: 350


Name: Varel 

Activity: manufacturing

Product: manufacture of drill bits

Location: calle 3ª y michoacan. Colonia moderna

100 thousand square feet

Jobs: 250


Nuevo Laredo


Francisco Javier Solis Morales, secretary of Economic Development in Nuevo Laredo, commented that during the current municipal administration, have been registered new investments in the manufacturing industry, with more than 60 million dollars of investment and above 2 thousand 500 jobs created.


He highlighted the mayor managements, Enrique Rivas Cuellar and private initiative, to attract new flights to touristic destination as Cancun, which after the 2017 success, will come back for second time in the summer of 2018, together with the destination of Puerto Vallarta that will be opened for the first time in the same season.


New projects arrived to Nuevo Laredo, as Model with Holistic Vision to detonate the economic and social development of the city and the state; the recent opening of the Campus Start Up Mexico in Nuevo Laredo, with 22 companies in the incubator on its first generation; and the signing of the agreement with the Spanish company TECNALIA, for the planning and creation of the Socioeconomic and Technological Innovation Center (IST Center.)


Guillermo Fernandez de Jauregui Velasco, president of Index Nuevo Laredo said: “Nuevo Laredo is growing enough; currently it has experienced multiple expansions of companies already established, as well as the arrival of new investments in the area in the automotive and of home appliances sector.  So far in 2017 3,000 jobs have been generated approximately and 2000 more positions are sought to be filled.  In 2018 a very promising scenario is anticipated, the result of some negotiations is being expected, those were made in the last trimester of 2017, and which will be detonating the acceleration of the arrival of more companies to Nuevo Laredo.  The industrial sector represents 40 % of the jobs that are generated in the community.  Delphi is about to launch a new plant in the city.”



In Altamira are intensified the promotion actions nationally and internationally, and is through the Direction of Economic Development, several actions have been done with the objective of attracting investment and generate more and better jobs highlighting the advantages and competitiveness of the Altamira municipality and its Industrial Port, same that are strengthen with the ones done by the Ministry of Economic Development from the Tamaulipas State Government.


Results are mainly evident in the energy sector which has considerably rebounded; about 86 % of the total investments in realization phase belong to this important sector in Altamira.


The opening resulted from the Energy Reform observes the need of importing growing volumes of combustible, diesel and jet fuel and having the availability of water sources and large land extensions together to the Industrial Port allow the supplying of these combustibles great capacity through tanker.  This is one of the largest competitive advantages in this port, practically the most competitive in our country which also has a strategic bonded warehouse ideal for the automotive sector.


Altamira is prepared to receive new investments, proof of that are the three hydrocarbons terminals that are currently in bidding phase, with an estimated investment of about 500 million dollars.


It is important to mention that one of the most important projects not only for Altamira but for Tamaulipas is without doubt the Gas pipeline Brownsville, TX – Altamira – Tuxpan, with an investment of 2,300 million dollars; being the Altamira Port the logistic center in charge of receiving, coat and supply the pipelines used in the laying of the gas pipeline thanks to the availability of the surface to held the weighted and production protection, where the coverage plant was stablished and the qualification as warehouse, with a capability to support the pipelines which bare weight almost 11 tons, while that weighted exceed 20 tons.


We are working for new and existing investments continue betting on their growth in our municipality, there are no limiting factors regarding the type of industry, Altamira has many strengths but mainly with human resource prepared and highly motivated, having very low personnel turnover in comparison with other industrial cities.


Trans Canada

Sector: Energy

Investment: $2,100,000.00 MUSD

500 direct jobs



Sector: Energy

Investment: $454,000.00 MUSD

1,200 direct jobs



Sector: Food

Investment: $20,000.00 MUSD

70 direct jobs



Sector: Chemical

Investment: $15,000.00 MUSD

80 direct jobs



Sector: Energy

Investment: $25,000.00 MUSD

20 direct jobs



Sector: Petro-chemical

Investment: $31,000.00 MUSD

30 jobs



Sector: Petro-chemical

Investment: $12,000.00 MUSD

30 jobs


PISSA Windar Renovables

Sector: Energy

Investment: $2,000.00 MUSD

200 direct jobs



Sector: Energy

Investment: $450,000.00 MUSD

150 direct jobs


Fluídos Especializados

Sector: Energy

Investment: 100,000.00 MUSD

100 direct jobs




Investment: 40,000.00 MUSD

100 direct jobs



ADN Energía

Sector: Minerals

Investment: 10,000.00 MUSD

30 direct jobs


Obras Altamira Licencias

Sector: Construction

Investment: 70,000.00 MUSD