Industry 4.0 will change everything, but the biggest transformation is given in the supply chain, and it is just that the habit of moving boxes; this was centered on product movement.


Currently, with industry 4.0, movement will be in information, the concept here is why do I have to move the box if I do not have information regarding to where is it going, what it is about or who has it; then the model changes dramatically; from thinking about the product to think about the information, however, here the important thing is that the worth information is the one coming from the customer.


Industry 4.0 will fulfill the promise that has always being pursued: for chains to be centered on the customer and seek to generate the maximum value for all those interested because the great virtue of industry 4.0 is that it optimizes the resources.


“We will not only think like a customer; but that as of customer we will be thinking about shareholders, in society or communities, and this will make the supply chain can focus – not only in financial profit – but also in social profit, for it to also have awareness regarding what we do in the environment and then an optimized supply has to be given in different aspects,” said Jesus Campos Cortes, specialist in supply chain.



This leads the Project to adjust to some steps such as:

1. - DATA, everything we do to have reliable data, and here is where companies are recommended to center their attention. Each data in paper or on a satellite system is not useful, it is necessary to have it on a shared system; once this is done that information has to begin being exported; the idea is how that information helps us in making better decisions. 

2. - CONNECT, this is the next step, connecting information with the chain to be able to optimize the results and in a maximum level of maturity, this information will lead to new business models. “This is a maturity process, but everything starts with digitalization: which data you have? What do you do with them? How will you share them? Why this would will be your currency exchange? People will approach with you because of the data you can provide them, that is what in fact has a value in the new world,” underlined Campos.



How each industry is integrating or immersing into industry 4.0 will be seen at different speeds.

For example, the aeronautic or automotive industry can be advanced, however, some industries are easier such as hotel industry digitalization, since in a near-future 80 % of services in a hotel will be done by a robot.

“I believe on a horizon of about 15 years everything will be different, times are increasingly flowing less, I believe that in five years we will see results, but I will date to say that between 10 to 15 years change will be extreme and we will be surprised about what is happening,” ended Jesus Campos Cortes.