“What we do makes the difference”

Sanmina was founded in 1980 in California, with a dream, that dream became a reality and 85 companies basically belong to; they are present in 23 countries in six continents.


Sanmina provides solutions for different markets leaders in: medical devices, communication networks, defense and aerospace; data storage, multimedia and automotive assemblies.  Its experience in design has allowed the introduction of new products.


Sanmina is a manufacturing leader in global supply in engineering.  It belongs to a worldwide company that has more than 87 plants around the world and employs more than 44,000 people; more than 2,600 are in Reynosa.


Sanmina’s Hallmark

Sanmina launches more than 3,000 new products around the world, employs more than 44,000 employees, and in Reynosa has more than 2,600 people; Sanmina is the right choice for customers and stands out for allowing its employees going into the next level.


“We arrive to Reynosa 17 years ago looking for opportunities to grow the company, we have grown tremendously, and we will continue doing it in this area,” said Alex Avila, vice-president and general manager at Sanmina Reynosa-McAllen.


In Sanmina solutions go from NPI which is the new products introduction, through design engineering to manufacturing to new technologies; we have also capabilities in logistics and services; we run the latest updates in manufacture, and we continue investing in Sanmina to go the next level in high-tech making sure we serve our customers in continue going to the next level in the company.


Sanmina in Reynosa

In Reynosa, Sanmina is strategically located in the border between Mexico and the United States only few minutes from the international crossing with Texas.  “What we do makes the difference,” said Alex Avila.


Reynosa is a highly diversified manufacture site, with a solid experience in construction of high mixture and low volume of products.  Currently serving Telecommunications, Data Capturing and Public Security markets.  It has a consolidated flexibility in the introduction of new products, reducing thus delivery times for sustained manufacture.  The key strategy of this plant’s success is the execution of a strong system of “Lean Manufacture and Six Sigma;” pillars of work culture throughout the organization, guiding axis of all the initiatives deployed onsite.  Promoting continuous improvement as constant factor.


In Reynosa they supply specialized design and equipment machining with capacity to build automated devices and of mechanic assembly.  These skills provide autonomy to make their processes efficient.


To this day, Sanmina has more than 3,000 error-proof devices designed, manufactured and programmed by engineers specialized in optimizing their manufacture processes.  Consolidating thus their “zero defects” strategy.


Sanmina Reynosa is an extraordinary team, committed with excellence, which loves challenges and celebrates achievements together.


“Our passion encourages us, our quality supports us and our vision makes us better every day.  What we do makes the difference.”