Mexico Industry Tamaulipas had access to a tour of the operations plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, of the company Samkwang; Mark Kim, president of the company, spoke about the expansion plans and projects that this Korean company contemplates in this border city; in his talk he assured that they absolutely contemplate continuing to grow in the city; Your goal and one of your dreams is to expand in this area.

"Currently, I have just made the decision to negotiate a land that is located in the same area where this plant is located in Reynosa; In this way, by having more space we can have more injection molding machines. "

Kim who, before touring the facilities, offered an interview in his office at the plant in Reynosa, said that this area, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, is a friendly area to have business, also stressed that the State Government continues to provide I support companies like Samkwang thus allowing new facilities, such as growth or expansions of others.

He said, about the binational relationship between Reynosa, Tam. and McAllen, Tx. that have the backing of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation; "They are good support"; and he stressed that, if someone has the opportunity, look for the option of investing in Reynosa.



Mark Kim, reported that, although there was some adverse security situation, this final was in the past.

"Everything is under control right now; maybe some areas have incidents, but there is a lot of control and I feel very safe driving from McAllen to Reynosa since 2007. Until today I have not had any problems, so I consider it a very good area, we also have the proximity to USA UU., And the border cities of Mission and McAllen; These cities are safe and friendly, without any problem compared to many large cities, "said Kim.

"Here we have a very safe city, the FBI announced that the area of ​​McAllen and Mission, are among the 5 safest cities for Asians in the United States, so, if you are looking for business opportunities, come to grow together", he stressed.



Mark Kim, of Korean origin, and who since 2006 arrived in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, said that the first time he was in this border city was to take projects for the Nokia company, for which they configured the supply process, after They developed other clients like Stanley Black & Decker, TRW Automotive and other different types of customers around in the area.



"Because we knew that this area had growth potential; In addition, at that time we had the Nokia company, which was the first and largest customer we had in this area, which is why we made the decision to come and provide our client here, "said Mark Kim.

And in particular, when asked why they had decided on this city of Reynosa, he explained: "The first time I came here with my brother we found many possibilities for growth, since people were very friendly, good people, and we walked together Eventually, the McAllen Economic Development Corporation has helped us a lot, they know how important foreign investment is here, so when I came here, I found many good friends, good people, and eventually we had to choose a location, close to Nokia and other potential customers.



Samkwang started operations in 2005; However, the total manufacturing was done in 2006 giving service to Nokia (cell), this company focuses its production on tooling, plastic, tampographic printing and laser painting, the molding of two shots and all the decoration.

"First we started giving service to Nokia, we installed the whole process of tooling and molding, molding two shots, XY painting and everything that has to do with painting, all the decoration, we do the service in one place, in fact, we know as solutions in one place (One Stop Solution) for Nokia. "

In 2006 we started producing for Nokia, - he added - the cell phone, at that time it was the complete cell phone, currently it is not the whole for Nokia, now we do Laser Etching for Black & Decker, a type of premium product for the tool and for the automotive, also a type of premium product for them, here we have a lot of automotive industry, opportunity and also the consumer. The production volume of Samkwang exceeds millions and millions of plastic products, but also have strong molding processes, and contemplate investing to manufacture better products, thus improving the service for its customers.

Speaking of human talent, Mark Kim said he likes the workers in this area, many of the employees who work in this company have more than 5 years of experience, are loyal and honorable employees who understand the needs of the company. All employees work in a good environment, there is no security problem, there is no problem; in Samkwang they provide a clean and safe environment for all their employees.

Talking about the presence worldwide, Samkwang has plants in Korea, where this company is originally from, but also have operating plants in China and Vietnam. Currently, the products manufactured in the Reynosa plant are exported directly to North America, North Korea, China (to the local market) and Europe.



The equipment and machinery that gives life to the products that are manufactured in Reynosa by the company Samkwang, is unique and large equipment, as they reach volumes ranging from 80 to 220 tons and from 350 tons to 500 tons.

"Soon, we will obtain machinery of 750 tons in two machines of molding by injection, with this we will obtain more benefits and the manufacture of more products", assured Mark.

An advantage that will represent the acquisition of this type of equipment is that, with the new injection molding machine Samkwang will be able to manufacture 4 products at the same time, this will allow it to satisfy the demands of its customers and increase the production capacity of the company, adding also new

products of different dimensions.

"When we have the new machines - this is contemplated in the short term - large parts will be produced in this plant, in addition we will be working for our clients immediately," he explained.