Robert Shaw Controles Latinoamericanos S. de R. L. de C. V. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of products for home and industries around the world; with more than 40 years of presence in Matamoros, the company has known how to efficiently solve the needs of demanding markets in Mexico, the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.


The company has a variety of product lines which include analogic and digital thermostats, water valves for washing machines, refrigerators, ice machines and automatic dishwashers; more than 1,000 national and international suppliers selected and strategically developed to deliver quality and the service level characteristic of Robert Shaw.

Recently Robert Shaw, incorporated two new production lines, one of them the machinery was acquired in Brazil and the other one in the United States, achieving the main objective which is to implement the newest technology in production lines.

Approximately 1,800 people are the ones that work in this company, assuming a family size of 3.5 people, through this training and decent work, we impact more than 4,250 people in Matamoros.

Robertshaw Controles Latinoamericanos S. de R. L. de C. V. stands as one of the most important companies in economic and social development of this place, creating high quality jobs and supporting the workforce growth that finally increases the Matamoros competitiveness level as well as from Tamaulipas.

During 2012, 10 million pesos were invested in new technology, processes are of world-class and employees continue to be trained providing a message of coherence and confidence to clients as well as to employees of continue to be competitive as well as being in continuous growth in the market.

Since 2014 to the end of 2016 line transfer from the United States to the Matamoros plant were closed, with the objective of bringing much more automated machinery for the different commercial areas with an approximate investment of 11 and half million dollars and in which were generated more than 450 jobs in the last two years.




The company has established from its beginning the strong commitment with health and safety of employees, assuring that their operations are safe, do not harmfully affect workers’ health and do not damage the environment.


Robertshaw Controles Latinoamericanos S de RL de CV, continuing with corporate culture, is a company committed in supporting community activities in the locations where it operates.  The approach is to go beyond the fulfillment of business trying to be an election employer.  For the company to be part of the community is a responsibility issue.  It is a duty to reciprocate to the communities where workforce comes from which achieves to grow the business.  The commitment with the community is something that leads us to look for options in which through our business support activities could be done.  In the programs that have been developed is combined the volunteering of employees, even from people with disabilities.  These programs have emerged by ideas and proposals from employees as well as from management, always with the objective of creating support means.  Developing, implementing and institutionalizing a community strategy in the entire company that works systematically and includes most of the employees in participation, support and organization.


One of the programs with which Robertshaw has been working with, is “the silent program” (“el programa de silentes”) which started in 2011.  A trustful institution was sought and talks were initiated with the Special Education school (Educacion Especial) to analyze the entrance of Silent people to work at the company.


In September 2011 the first group of five people was hired.  This the first time the company fulfills this kind of contracting.  With great satisfaction can be said that the up to now six silent people are still working, from which four of them started since the first hiring.  Working in coordination with their partners and without any problem, some of them have already changed job position as result of their dedication and perseverance.


Robert Shaw Controles Latinoamericanos S de RL de CV is convinced that motivated employees work better and seek a way to do things better.  Senior management is always looking for new opportunities therefore it supports each of the initiatives that could represent an improvement opportunity.