A new opportunity for young people in Tamaulipas

An excellent opportunity to study High School has being announced, and that is that young people from Reynosa that finished their middle school now have an interesting proposal to continue with their higher middle level in modality of Militarized General High School, starting classes on August 2018.


The Government of the State of Tamaulipas through the Ministry of Education will initiate the Militarized High School, a project that will have an investment of more than 45 million pesos and is integrated for its fulfillment in three phases.


Julio Cesar Colima Goytortua, Technical director of ITIFE, Instituto Tamaulipeco de Infraestructura Fisica Educativa, said: That the first phase, houses 90 students; the second one, belongs to the installation with the capability of maintaining the personnel or youngsters inside the school as internees, this allows having further development regarding militarized education; and the third stage, considers housing an average of 360 students with all the amenities the institute could offer from dining area, dormitories, facilities for sports areas, to management area, which together with provide the community a new experience in educational quality.  This way the community is provided with a new experience in educational superiority, by bringing this militarized format to the general public this is something in what Reynosa, Tamaulipas is being a pioneer.


This project has the support of ITIFE, Public Works, and Economic Development; in addition is the conjunction of different Ministries to achieve it, as well as Index and SEDENA.


The curricula is designed based in a propaedeutic general high school, this means that they graduate with the required competences to be incorporated to the high level institution of their choice; however, they will also have the option of incorporate to any safety body, either the police, army, etc. and in addition in the last year of studies – from the three of the study program – it is considered that on Saturdays young students can have a certification in programming, administrative or even in aspects of the industry where they graduate with a certificate from the National Council of Standardization and Certification of Labor Competences (CONOCER, by its Spanish initials) which are the labor competences and this will allow them having a document through which they can incorporate to labor markets.

Why a Military High School?

“The main thing is that we intent emphasizing the values, responsibility, team work, love for their country, for their State and manly for Reynosa.  The governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca has been clear, as he repeatedly mentioned that the problem in Reynosa is not the insecurity, but the lack of loss of values; that is why we want to reinforce them,” said Miguel Tinoco, undersecretary of Medium High and High Education in the State of Tamaulipas.


The educational quality will be of first level, with professors that are highly committed and responsible in this sense.  In addition, having the support from the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA, by its Spanish initials,) helps to have military formed instructors with higher profile personnel.  “This is the first high school of this level that is instructed in the State of Tamaulipas and Reynosa was chosen to open it,” said the official.


“We need to continue supporting youngsters in the strengthening of their values, - since childhood and from their homes they have it and demonstrate it – but we want them to know they have a viable option to strength their skills, not only of knowledge, but on their physical skills,” said Tinoco.


An invaluable opportunity that the youth of Tamaulipas must use

The Registered Brigadier General of General Staff of Mayor State, Eustorgio Villalba Cortez, Chief of the Mayor State of the 8th Military Zone, talked about this project considering it important for the State, since it allow being closer of the Mexican youth, and mainly of the youth from Tamaulipas.  With this project is sought to increase the educational offer for high school; - and in this case – by adding a plus which is the militarization; this means, a militarized high school where youngsters learn, - in addition of the subjects that belong to normal subjects from high school - the subjects from the military issues, as well as those that allow strengthening the values, military ethics and training aspects that will be carried out at the institution.


This educational offer is new, but it includes subjects that are already applied in militarized schools in the Country.  The subjects that will be lectured are – among others - Military Ethics, Organization, Generalship and Values; subjects that will be addressed by military personnel that will work as instructors in the school.


“As part of the military forces this allow us to prepare youngsters for them to later have more possibilities and knowledge of the militarized area to enter military institutions; obviously they will have to study or compete in contests fulfilled inside the convening of entrance to such institutions,” said the Registered Brigadier General of General Staff of Mayor State, Eustorgio Villalba Cortez, Chief of the Mayor State of the 8th Military Zone.


Industry participation

Everything is a sequence of actions that have been developed over a couple of years as of the issues being lived in the country.  One was how to work in prevention subjects; as organization, through the companies and through Index members.  One of the strategies was to establish a Committee of Risk Prevention, and since 2015 they started to develop strategies in that sense.  Later – also in 2015 – the Foundation RAMMAC was created, and in April that year was signed the Ethics Code by the National Council; in this process they worked with all levels of Government, in Federal, State and Local level.


“Reynosa is the current economic engine in the city and the presence of the Industry in the community is the origin of the creation of the RAMMAC Foundation; we cannot be strange with the situation we are living and that was why it was necessary to know how we could participate over prevention and support through the foundation; from there we decided to join this project, in which we decided that it had to be not only part of the strengthening of values or discipline, but that it also allowed the youngsters having different alternatives to continue their professional development,” said Martha Ramos, director of Index Reynosa.


He added that with the dynamic existing in this city, it was necessary to request the support of the State Government to establish technical specialties.  “They proposed informatics, administration and electronics – specialties that are strategical – and the reason is that in Reynosa highlights the growth in those sectors, unlike others States in the Country.  It is also important that the study of English language was also integrated, aiming to youngsters be well prepared and on their case so they could be quickly incorporated to the industry,” he said.


“When the Industry incorporates personnel on their companies, they require a training period that many times takes one year; thus we request that some certifications or requirements from the industry be implemented, such as platforms, programs, certifications, quality systems, logistics, lean manufacture, automation systems – such as industry 4.0 – or the automation of processes as certifications to students within this Militarized High School model.  This way, when the youngsters graduate they can quickly incorporate into the Industry.  “This is important for us, but even more that the youngster to have too many opportunities and a quick growth inside the industry,” said Ramos.


Interesting facts


In order to provide registry opportunities to applicants, the date to take the admission exam is expanded up to July 3rd 2018.

Duration: 3 years (six semesters)

Modality: schooled

Students: mixed

Beginning of classes: August 2018