Today’s most productive and competitive sector in the country

During his visit to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Luis Aguirre Lang, president of Index Nacional, presented the context of the maquila and manufacturing export industry in Mexico.


It is important to mention that there currently are 6,140 companies with IMMEX program in the country, from which 60 % are certified.


The maquila and manufacturing export industry is present in 24 states of the Mexican Republic and the main sectors IMMEX companies serve are the automotive, aerospace, home appliances, electric, electronic, agroindustry and food sectors, textile and confection, jewelry, as well as medical equipment.


Nowadays is estimated that the manufacturing Industry contributes with 57 % of the total exports of the country and almost 70 % of the manufacturing exports of the country.


It is calculated that the maquila and manufacturing Industry closed 2017 with 2 million 908 thousand direct jobs, and about 7 million 500 thousand indirect jobs nationally; this represents 90 % of all workers in the manufacturing sector registered before the IMSS and 17 % of the total of workers also registered before the IMSS.


Hence the importance this sector has which generates formal employment nationally registered.  2017 basically closed with a generation of more than 130 thousand new jobs.  “2017 has been an important year regarding job generation, result from different factors; such as structural reforms generated in this six years period, another factor is the arrival of president Trump in the United States that made us accelerate projects transfer and new opportunities to our companies, of heavy investments and expansions, and the arrival of too many new companies to the country,” said Luis Aguirre Land, president of the National Council of the Maquila and Manufacturing Export Industry (INDEX.)


As reference, Aguirre Land, highlighted how the manufacture Industry has predominated, since in comparison with the 80’s when there was high oil exporting with 68.1 % and only few manufacture; to 2017 manufacturing exports reached almost 90 %.