1955 marks the start of this company, which on its beginning in Beloit, Wisconsin, was a small company dedicated to the manufacturing of gears and arrows; it was a not too large machining workshop which had barely 30 employees that integrated its work team; gradually the number of employees increased, and more companies have been acquired by it through the years.


In April 18th, 1979 it settled in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; being one of the first maquila plants arriving in the area with 12 direct employees, nowadays they have 2,500 direct employees.


Regal Beloit has 12 operations plants in Mexico, most of them located in Cd. Juarez, Chih., they are present in Piedras Negras, Coah., Reynosa, Tam., Monterrey, N.L. and Jalisco.


The company has an area of 600 thousand square feet and 370 thousand square feet of construction located at Reynosa Industrial Park.  They also have 50 thousand square feet of storage outside the property.


“We are three groups in the company: commercial, industrial and residential (Reynosa plant;) however, there is a fourth group recently acquired that manages something completely different than engines; they make gears, transporters or product transportation systems, but in other plants we manufacture engines for different applications,” said the manufacturing director in Reynosa.

The decision to choose Reynosa as this company venue 40 years ago resulted from the acquisition of all General Electric plants; back then GE had operative plants in Reynosa, Juarez and Piedras Negras; but this border city was chosen due to several bounties.


“The State of Tamaulipas has established an educational infrastructure with many suitable facilities where many of our partners graduate.  They have a training level event when they graduate to learn how to work, it is high and noticeable,” underlined Oscar Quezada.



Reynosa is, par excellence, the largest refrigeration and heating plant in residential application.  It represents 70 % of this division production.


What gave the company a sharp turn was that on the last 10 years they had two acquisitions that provided Regal an important dimension.


During the past 10 years A.O. Smith engines division was acquired, which represented 700 million dollars per year in sales; and three years ago they acquired an Emerson division known as PTS and represented 600 million dollars in sales.


“To understand what this means, when I entered this company in 2009, we had sales of 1.8 trillion dollars globally; currently the number has duplicated from 1.8 to 3.6 billion annual sales of annual sales; this is, we have grown 100 % with acquisitions, but mainly with innovation in our designs, said Oscar Quezada.


And added: “We would like to continue being one of the best Regal Beloit plants, developing talents, promoting our people, fulfill improvements, simplify processes and continue inside the digitalization world.  While homes continue to be building worldwide, we will continue manufacturing engines which – among different brands – arrive in air conditioners; in addition of other manufactured products.


That is why customers see in Regal Beloit a company dedicated to service; its quality levels are excellent, deliveries are of high percentage on time, since they have a technical infrastructure that provides value to customer at any time they require it.



After 40 years of being present in Reynosa, Regal Beolit has changed in different senses; processes from the 70s, compared with those they have today have undergone a considerable transformation as well as the products they manufactured back then, compared with those currently manufactured, as they have changed their design and technology; seeking to be more efficient every day.

When Regal Beloit began operations in Reynosa the products they made were simple electrical engines at a speed; with time they incorporated variation in speed.  Today Regal Beloit has new products, increasingly efficient.


“The first revolution in innovation was 12 years ago with the introduction of engines with controls that regulated speed depending on the need the engine felt; this means, engine load caused more exchange, more speed, etc., engines with a small computer; that was what revolutionized a vent engine industry 12 years ago,” said Oscar Quezada, manufacturing director from vent-air conditioning division in Regal Beloit in Reynosa, Tam.


Currently there are efficient engines using less materials in their content; it is about going from an engine with 60 % efficiency to one 90 % efficient.  Additionally, they have smaller engines, modern and compact that help customers using less space in their cabinets or refrigeration or heating units.


“We are also making engine systems and ducts with turbines that generate air displacement with highly efficient designs,” said Quezada.



Due to company activity, female personnel is integrated on a low percentage, this is a very interesting slope, since few companies recognize contribution developed today by female workforce.  It is worth recognizing it since women are housewives, mothers, psychologists and unless roles they fulfill at their homes; however, in the company they have different roles also, they make decisions in all activities.


QUALITY LOCAL TALENT                                                                                                    

Regal Beloit is always seeking to develop within continuous improvement, not only in products and processes, but in people, and this is something they promote, “I can generally say that Regal talent is good, I have been in other plants in Mexico and I am impressed with local talent; we have young and not so young people with experience and continuously in training.


Quezada said, “we have areas that require experience in automation, robotics and in Reynosa we find everything.”



Diana Barraza Cabrales, unit manager of Regal Beloit in distribution and aftermarket areas.


Dina is one of the women that began working in this company in 1979, her largest experience has been in contributing with this job source and daily learning; all experiences lived within the manufacturing field and mainly being able to share her knowledge and experience with new employees, specially to contribute with young people who are the future leaders for company sustainment in future generations.

“As all of us know technology progresses quickly, I consider myself part of a privileged generation, because we have seen how technology has progressed during the last two decades and indisputably today youngsters have better tools and are more prepared, quickly adapting to challenges or needs the industry demands.”



Jose Cerda Morgado, Continuous Improvement manager, started to work in Regal Beloit in 2014; only five years ago.


He began as part of an outsourcing company developing as quality engineer.

Jose Cerda fulfilled an entire research study before entering this company: company’s stability, its history, seniority, etc., signs that made him felt safe of belonging to a stable company.


“Back then I thought entering Regal Beloit team was a good opportunity and I believe I am right,” said Jose.


His development through 5 years at in Regal Beloit grew, showing results and using the opportunities Regal as plant has provided him with.  I was outsourcing, later they gave me a permanent position in Continuous Improvement department for two years.  Afterwards, department leader until today when I am manager of Continuous Improvement department,” said Jose Cerda Morgado.