Take-off of deep waters oil industry

The function of the Port Authority of Tamaulipas, better known as API Tamaulipas, is to manage and operate the Port of Matamoros, through a concession granted by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, to exploit the port destination of the Port of Matamoros.


Crude oil: a potential for the entire country

A terminal specialized is intended to be established in this facility, for the management of watercraft suppliers that will provide the service to the exploitation and exploration of deep waters that will be performed in front of the Matamoros coasts in the field which have been recently allocated by the Mexican government as part of the Energy Reform in which were allocated the blocks to different companies – including PEMEX – to fulfill these activities of exploration, exploitation and production of crude oil, in this case a crude with very good characteristics, which is in the light type marine subsoil, and that will represent great energy potential for the country, obviously the repercussions for the state of Tamaulipas and specially for the northeast region of Mexico are important precisely in this energy context.


It is in this State that there is a significant concentration of energy resources; not only regarding petroleum products, but mainly, wind energy, alternative energies; as well as the important fields that exist in Burgos for gas exploitation.



As a port itself, the infrastructure of the Port of Matamoros is called to be an interesting bastion; but mostly, a logistical base to be able to meet the demand that will require the works that will be done during the next 30 or 35 years and that undoubtedly will represent a great economic benefit for the different activities that will be carried out in this Port.

The Port and the wide range of services

The Port of Matamoros provides specialized services in response to these, not only to PEMEX, which originated this great project in recent years, but also promoted and caused the detonation of the Port of Matamoros but, to many more companies which are the ones that have been benefited or adjusted with these blocks, which are foreign companies, therefore, it means that the technologies applied in the handling of the materials and in the services provided, are services that will have to be applied to technologies with international standards.


“One Stop Shop”

In this area in which currently are, is where the specialized terminal will be under a fairly modern concept, will have the best international practices and in which a kind of service cluster will be installed; a specialized terminal that will be the subject of a tender, in which the boats will be serviced in the same place or known as “One Stop Shop,” where all the services will be provided in a boat in the same place.


Talking about investment and jobs

The investments will undoubtedly be important, in addition, regarding the generation of jobs it will also be; in this first phase or first terminal, it is anticipated the creation of 800 to 1000 direct jobs, tripling the number of jobs to have the indirect ones; “We would be talking about around 2,000 to 3,000 additional indirect jobs.”


“That will mean an important transformation in this small community called ‘Higuerillas, El Mezquital,’ in which its residents will benefit from employment opportunities, although it is important to emphasize that they will require a lot of training to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity and mainly that there is time to do it, since the horizon of planning such as 25 or 35 years and that, we would be starting operations as from 2019,” said Ricardo Correa Chairez, general director of the Port Authority of Tamaulipas.


Works continue


Currently, important works are being carried out, road access is about to be ended, and they are included in activities to reinforce the breakwaters, which are practically 100 % built.


There is a dragging stage to be able to give the desired depth (8 meters) which can be started in this next year.


We are here in this impressive infrastructure work which are the breakwaters of the Port of Matamoros, with this work we can say that we could end with this first stage of the development of the Port with which the channel can be dragged to a depth of 9 meters, to have an 8-meter draft; that will allow the access of larger boats that will serve the oil platforms which will be installed in the lost folding fields.

As of today, the completion of the reinforcement of the southern breakwater is very active; this work must be completed by January 2018.  Dragging is another work that is in the bidding process and during the first months of 2018, the dragging works would be carried out and the Port would be finished in this first stage of the 8 meters draft that it is intended to be given.


A Port with high efficiency standards

The great advantage of the Port of Matamoros is exactly its logistical advantage, that is, its proximity to this area, to these oil fields blocks, because it is the closest port; it is located in the middle of the distance from the Port of Tampico and Altamira; this gives Matamoros the great advantage that with this infrastructure work it is possible to serve these boats.


Another advantage is that 8 meters draft -which is not a great depth- but nevertheless, it is enough to be able to serve the type of boats that will be here as: special supply boats, which are characterized precisely by being boats that set the 8 meters or 24 feet. The services that will be provided in the specialized terminal that is intended in this Port will be of high efficiency standards, and above all, an important factor for the offshore oil industry is being able to serve emergencies, as well as being able to handle a contingency quickly; that is why the circumstance the Port of Matamoros proximity to this area is important.


Undoubtedly, this will mean the take-off of the deep water oil industry, that is, the exploration and exploitation of wells in deep waters that, until now, will only begin in Mexico in that stage in the years to come. Fortunately the times also coincided with the times when these works will begin; we are talking about next year and from there on from 2018, 2019, 2020, as we said in the next 35 years.



The bid for the next terminals is scheduled to take place as from 2018, so that by August 2018 they will be awarding a first specialized terminal to provide offshore services.


It is important to emphasize the great impulse that the governor of the State of Tamaulipas, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, is giving to this great work of infrastructure, it is a priority work of the Government of the State; thanks to this, it has been possible to resume and reactivate the completion of this infrastructure, which can now be said thanks also to the presidential commitment CG182 from 4 years ago, we can now complete an investment that exceeds 2 billion pesos; it is undoubtedly a benefit for the State of Tamaulipas, for the northeastern region of Mexico and undoubtedly for Mexico as a country.