Industrial development brings important benefits for the city, not only generating direct jobs, but benefiting other sectors in the border.

Although the backbone of Nuevo Laredo economy is international commerce, the maquila industry has grown with the opening of new production lines of different companies that generate employment and a multiplier effect.

Other productive sectors, mainly regarding services, see with good eyes the arrival of more companies and recognize the advantages these cause, which reflects in best quality life in the city.

An example of that is the hotel sector which has been benefited with the arrival of people from the Bajio area, mainly from Queretaro, which is where the main assemblers in the country are.

“It has been changing our geographic segment and a lot of people has been arriving from Queretaro, San Luis, obviously our main segment is CDMX, people has been arriving from the center of the country, which was not happening before,” said Sergio Garcia Arevalo, representative from hotel companies in Nuevo Laredo.

And it is precisely in this area of the country where there is a great dynamism in the economic sector related with the manufacturing industry.

He explained that the arrival of more maquila companies to the city, brings a better occupation in hotels.

Another sector benefited with the presence of new companies in the area is the restaurant sector, as explained by Viviano Vazquez Macias, president of the National Chamber of Restaurants and Food Condiments Industry (CANIRAC, by its Spanish initials.)

“Of course it benefit us from the point of view that there is more flow, obviously businessmen and people bring money and have the need of having fun and go out to eat,” he explained.

He also said that from supply point of view, the restaurants branch has the possibility of take advantage of this.

Garcia Arevalo said that Nuevo Laredo has local restaurants and first quality national and international chains and has a great gastronomic offer.


Without doubt the construction of new industrial buildings is a factor that could benefit the constructors’ sector, Jose Cruz de la Luz Paz said, president of the Nuevo Laredo Builders Association.

“It is important for the benefit and development of the city to have more industry arriving in Nuevo Laredo, this generates more movement,” he said.

And it is just that besides what could be generated directly, having more jobs at operator level, as management and technician, needs for housing and commerce construction increases, what generates a benefit circle for different areas.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Alejandro Urbiola, agreed in positive collateral effects of this economy activity.

“Higher economic revenue is observed in the city, it is very positive for us in all senses, many sectors are benefited,” he explained.

Regarding CANACO, representatives from different sectors gather from the medical part, restaurants, auto-parts, hotels, among others. This way becomes evident the importance of the arrival of new companies, seen from the perspective of different productive sectors of Nuevo Laredo. That is why Governments, as well as private initiative are betting on the arrival of investment in matters of manufacturing industry, which economic development benefits not only their own sector.