AAANLD: Solid and strong foundation 

Received Award “Democracy Award 2017”

The prestigious institution “The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences” recognized the work of the Nuevo Laredo Customs Brokers and the competitiveness of Los Dos Laredos worldwide at a special ceremony held in Washington, DC.

The president of the Nuevo Laredo Customs Brokers Association, Edgardo Pedraza Quintanilla received the “Democracy Award 2017,” a statuette that is presented for the first time to leaders of more than 200 Spanish-speaking countries.

Pedraza Quintanilla was accompanied by some experts in foreign trade, and said that this distinction is a sign of the importance of the work that has been performed for more than 79 years in the prestigious Association of this city.

“This international distinction that Washington is a motivation for the entire customs union of Nuevo Laredo, in the AAANLD we will continue to work for the leadership of Tamaulipas and Mexico,” he said.

While the Association has been honored with other awards, the “Democracy Award 2017,” it was a surprise and pride to receive it. This motivates us to continue working more united and this makes us to continue and make ourselves known as an Association and for the good of Nuevo Laredo,” said the president.

AAANLD Incubator - Program 40/4

An innovative project that motivates, and allows to bring new people as tariff classifiers; today this profession or career does not exist; therefore the field to look for tariff classifiers is very small; nevertheless, seeing the need to contribute new talent in this area, and since there is no professional career; the team of Continuing Education of the Association of Customs Brokers of Nuevo Laredo, which is headed by Customs Broker Martha Reyes, conceived “in addition to training people to meet the needs of a tariff classifier,” motivate students to be compatible as a tariff classifier, compatible with customs Brokers in their offices, and the student is even more motivated to work in a customs agency.


With the support of an external company and a psychologist, proficiency tests are applied to the 40 students interested in participating in this area, which will receive specialized training from the AAANLD during 4 months receiving the necessary tools and will receive an economic contribution for them to remain motivated to continue their studies. “We focus on the career of industrial engineers, since this career takes processes and in the customs agencies - in a similar way -, carry processes to import and export; so it was important to start with students who knew about processes,” said Edgardo Pedraza Quintanilla, president of the Customs Brokers Association of Nuevo Laredo. After completion of the 4-month training process, customs Brokers interested in having one of these students - and graduates - would have to take the proficiency test. The next step will be according to the aptitude of the customs Brokers, whether innovative, managerial or operational; will be the student to be assigned according to their needs as a company and administrative skills.


“We want to be an example of Mexico, which is why it is important for the incubator to handle the Customs Brokers Association with the students,” said the AAANLD president.


79th Anniversary giving to the community


For 79 years, the Nuevo Laredo Customs Brokers Association, together with its team of members, has impacted on the city's economic growth, carrying out different actions for the city, representing Nuevo Laredo's labor force and all the support they have provided to the No.3 International Bridge and the growth of the same so that it continues being leaders in the customs branch.