Reynosa continues returning to the path of progress and standing out for being Tamaulipas economic engine generating jobs and investment attraction.


Good news come for the economic activity, and there are two companies, one of the metal-mechanic sector and the other one is an interesting combination between the automotive and electronic sector; these companies are about to start operations during this first semester of 2019.  One of the companies will be settled at Villa Florida Industrial Park and the second one in Reynosa Industrial Park.


“Those are decisions already made, they are companies that will be investing about 50 million dollars and generate about one thousand jobs collectively,” said Leonel Cantu Robles, secretary of Economic Development in Reynosa.


By the end of 2018 an expansion project was announced in the medical industry sector; however, there is another project of industrial engines sector and 2 expansions in the automotive sector.


This way in 2019 are anticipated 4 expansions from manufacturing companies and two new ones, without ruling the possibility of a new third company which is currently in visits with potential investors.


On the other hand, regarding the commercial sector, the new Reynosa Airport terminal continues being news, and the expectations that this has generated serves to continue attracting new investments to Reynosa.


 The new terminal will have together an interesting development, since it is observed an industrial development, a shopping center in addition of a convenient store and a hotel; this becomes an important trigger for the east side of the city.


Investments in the comercial sector continue developing; certain comercial centers are setting their eyes in Reynosa and they expect to continue investing.

Department stores continue opening in the city; the most important stores chain in the area which has national boost continue having Reynosa as priority with 12 already defined projects for this year a similar amount for 2020.


Also in the commercial sector focused to the pharmaceutical area also has very important investments from a chain that has retaken some commercial places that were left empty.


“This commercial chain from the pharmaceutical sector has taken Reynosa again as their development point together with another chain also pharmaceutical that will be investing in this 2019 in six new sales points more than those being currently open,” said Leonel Cantu.


These triggers, which are important not only on investment matters, but also in job generation and that also serve as attraction for other additional investments.


Reynosa continues pushing; however, the challenge is how we face the growth problems which is preferable to always face these kind of problems, since they become important challenges.


“Reynosa is a noble land, a very generous land which does not give up, every day it awakes with new impulse,” said Leonel Cantu.


This is regarding challenges araising in exports, since these have made Reynosa show it has the capability of a team spirit and solve those eventualities presented before the current growth.