Investments 2018-2019

2018 has been a consolidation year regarding foreign investment, Reynosa received two companies: Woodcrafters will arrive in Colonial Industrial Park and Delphi Technologies will locate at the Villa Florida Industrial Park.

Ralph Garcia, vice-president of McAllen Economic Development Corporation, said that they about to sign a company from India that will represent the creation of more than 200 direct jobs.

Although the city, and many others in Mexico, are or have been in a shortage situation regarding human talent, Ralph Garcia said that it has been hard, but not impossible, since many companies are using this opportunity of being creative in promoting their vacancies to generate interest and attract that human talent they require so much.

“They are looking for talent in other sectors and in schools, there are companies that have created special hours and have succeeded in this,” said Garcia.

Another issue addressed by Ralph Garcia is the one that has to do with industrial buildings, and it is that today they do not have available industrial buildings that comply with the needs or requirements companies are seeking to invest.

“The existing ones are old industrial buildings and it affects a little bite; however, it is how we are in several markets.  The developers of industrial parks, such as ROCA are building an 110 thousand square feet industrial building, and that will be an speculative building; however, they already have about seven groups that have showed interest to lease this space,” explained Ralph.

There are firms such as Fibra Macquarie, that although they are interested in building, it is necessary that they have to adjust to their corporates policies to start a new industrial building once a customer exists.

“By the end of 2018 two projects of industrial buildings started, one with 300 thousand square feet and another one of more than 200 thousand square feet,” said Ralph Garcia.


One of the projects being worked by the McAllen Economic Development Corporation and that is in talks, with Index Reynosa, as well as with the Universidad Tecnologica de Tamaulipas Norte, in Reynosa, is an internship for students looking for opportunities at maquila companies.

This way students could have working hours that allow them to continue attending their classes and in addition having an income from a wage and a benefit or reimbursement for their credits at school.

“It is common that many youngsters attend school, but do not have a job, because they do not have an attractive schedule that allow them fulfilling both activities; however, if they start working with students giving them the opportunity and in addition companies provide them with a scholarships, this becomes something attractive,” said Ralph Garcia, vice-president of McAllen Economic Development Corporation.

“By investing on a student, with supports such as scholarships, companies have the opportunity of shaping a committed employee that will give the company many years of service.”

In addition, we are considering and looking at students’ graduation from High School, since most of them graduate and do not know what is that they are going to do; this can represent the risk of taking the wrong road.

“It is important to look for flexible hours for these students that are interested and that can begin generating an income to their homes and start understanding the work done in the maquila industry and seek careers where they can growth personally,” said Garcia.

It changes life quality a little, since they can enter as operators and have the opportunity of growing and develop for other positions in a future as supervisors, engineers, operations managers, etc.

Waiting for 2019

If everything continues aligned, the interest of many companies in continue investing is anticipated, and moreover, one of the things that makes this region attractive is the fact that many companies with products manufactured in China, - in addition that the American government is increasing them tariffs – costs in this Asian country have increased; China is already 15 % more expensive than Mexico.

Finally, Ralph Garcia announced: “Currently, we have two projects from Korea that could be started; one of them already serves an automotive company in Brownsville, TX. and Nuevo Leon, and wish to be in this area.  These are projects we know will make the decision of settling in McAllen, TX or in Reynosa, Tam. in a period of 5 to 6 months.”