Institute for Competitiveness and Foreign Trade

What is the ICCE?

The Institute for Competitiveness and Foreign Trade of Nuevo Laredo, paramunicipal organism that works as platform where main actors are involved immersed in the economic development and the competitiveness with the objective of making the best decisions for municipal progress.


ICCE was born in 2012 and it includes high education institutions, deans, productive organisms presidents leading the city such as the Customs Brokers Association, Industrials, Commerce Chamber, CANACINTRA, INEGI, Northern Border College who performs studies and projects, as well as the consulates in Laredo TX, Nuevo Laredo, Tam. and the mayor.


In these paramunicipal organisms modality best government practices are sought because there are leaders from the government, the educational system and productive where the best decisions are being made which have to do with progress.  “The idea is to implement this modality in all municipalities, since it is in fact a better way to acquire a vision of the needs, requirements for cities’ development and better decisions can be taken,” said Jorge Vinals Ortiz de la Pena, director of the Institute for Competitiveness of Nuevo Laredo.


How does it start?


The ICCE director commented that the first step was to work in information and statistics; something that we found when this instate started was that sometimes the own initiative, the same educational sector, the government; does not know education issues, economic development, competitiveness, infrastructure, planning, social development or even investments.  This way to make the correct decisions it is necessary to acquire knowledge to have a competitive city, in addition it is essential to know the information that allows having a vision and dimension of the needs, and thus define which strategies will be implemented.


In 2016 Nuevo Laredo was one of the cities with more growth in the country

One of the tasks was to increase competitiveness based in knowledge, therefore it was announced the gathering of information and statistics, and share it with all the productive actors in the city and this way making a combination of ideas.  We are members of the worktable of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO, by its Spanish initials) where only two municipalities participate at worktables; being Nuevo Laredo one of them.


How did they do it?

“We did our work regarding indicators, and it is noticeable the city where there is more progress; in social development, infrastructure, as well as in economic development practices, and something very important, in municipal public finances,” Vinals noted.


Vinals explained that the idea in Tamaulipas and through the Council for the Economic Development and Competitiveness, where Jorge Vinals is city hall’ advisor, is intended, together with the government, to apply indicators in all municipalities; this way they are promoted as entrepreneurs and as productive sector to all municipalities having better practices and that they are linked with entrepreneurs and government.