Incorporating the country to modernization chains

Mexico distinguishes for being a great player; today it has put a lot of on what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution.  This Fourth Industrial Revolution implies the action of the cyberphysical space with the physical one, and that has to do with the automation, robotization, modernization, not only in the part of the maquila, but of the shops and services.


In that sense, Mexico has established an industrial policy based in 4 axis or fundamental pillars.  Rogelio Garza, undersecretary of the Industry and Commerce from the Ministry of Economy, detailed that the first one is the Generation of Human Capital that refers to what we are going to generate the human capital that we require, Mexico needs, that the maquila requires to be in the state-of-the-art and be on the first sites of sector update.


The second shows we support the Supply Chain, this means, how we support obtaining the technology, that can gain human capital to generate more value and productive chain in Mexico.


As point 3, Programs to Support the Innovation, we are strongly supporting with programs, in CONACYT as the Ministry of Economy for companies – mainly medium and small – adopt technology, use it, implement it and that this is a support for this Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are living and to which we have to integrate.


The fourth pillar of this industrial policy has to do with Clusters and that is how we help  clusters having a positive synergy and positive circles are generated and of support within themselves; this means, if we have an automotive manufacturing cluster in Aguascalientes, which kind of public policies we must do to support this cluster.  Another example: if we have a strong cluster in Reynosa in the electric-electronic sector, what can we do to generate public policies that will help this sector to develop, consolidate and grow more.  Then this 4 fundamental pillars are those that the new economic policy in Mexico is fulfilling and that will help being aware and get into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Favorable perspective for the Maquila Industry in Tamaulipas


Another objective of the visit of the undersecretary of Industry and Commerce in Reynosa from the Ministry of Economy was to talk with leaders from the maquila industry of exportation, to review the State a little, and see how the industrial part of the maquila is evolving and talk with them.


The manufacturing sector in Tamaulipas has a favorable perspective, the sector not only has been maintained, but it continues growing in jobs in this last year – and even – there is information of two new plants in manufacturing matters, therefore the manufacturing sector in this state is a sector that not only knows how to get around the ups and downs in international matters – mainly for the exchange rate – but in addition has strengthen and consolidated.


Rogelio Garza Garza said that strong work has been done to achieve attracting more investment; currently, the issue of the Free Trade Agreement and the uncertainty of the signing or not signing of the Treaty, some investments were delayed because of the expectations of how the outcome of this agreement will be.  “What I can say is that the agreement is going well, we anticipate this commercial agreement will be closed and that we will continue having a strong FTA, renewed; this will provide certainty to investments and without doubt I think they will return and start growing,” the official said.


Mexico, German “partner country”

Result of the intense collaboration with Germany held in 2017, in the Mexico – Germany year, Mexico was invited to the Hannover Fair, which is the most important industrial fair worldwide.  “Our country was invited as “partner country,” that is how a country is called every year, and this year is Mexico’s turn.  We will be in Hannover on April, participating in this fair with a pavilion very important for Mexico and where we will be taking Mexican companies that are already into the model 4.0 of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  To this fair we will take universities, design centers, research centers, such as COTACYT and some CONACYT centers; we will exchange policies and agreements, as well as actions of the best policies in the world to take these best practices and implement them in Mexico for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.