Merit Automotive Electronics Systems is a global supplier of modules and complex mechatronic switchers located at the Los Palmares Industrial Park in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Its new avant-garde facility, recently opened in 2018, has 149 thousand 240 square feet; however, Merit began operations in May 2018 and is distinguished for being an ideal site for manufacturing due to its proximity with four international crossings, four international airports, a maritime deep waters port and a new railroad crossing bridge between the United States and Mexico.

Merit Automotive Electronics Systems is of Chinese – European capital and is dedicated to the manufacture of steering wheels’ switches for the automotive industry, and its world sales are of about 70 billion dollars.

Merit is present in Barcelona, Spain where the parent company is located, as well as in Poland and China.

Its main customer is the United States, country where they export finished product.

Juan Jose de la Garza, plant manager of Merit Matamoros said: Currently the company has about 220 employees, but it is estimated that it will generate 600 high quality jobs and with that they will contribute to the economy of this city located at a privileged point since it is located at the border and near the United States.


Manufacture of steering wheels switches

Merit is a leading company in the manufacturing of switches for steering wheels in the automotive sector; among the pieces they manufacture are switches for steering wheels, stalk sws for columns, modules, sensors, windows lift sws, seats, etc.; and some of its main customers are FCA, Ford, GM, Volvo, BMW, Navistar and Mopar.

The process of steering wheels manufacturing is very detailed and with firsthand quality; the company acquires the raw material (resin,) same that they are molded on the same plan and goes through a special process of drying through a machine

“We are a company, we acquire the raw material, which we work on the molding area, for that we have a centralized system for the drying of raw material or resin that afterwards is distributed or transported through the centralized piping system towards the different molding machines, same that began to perform the piece according to the selected mold,” said Hector Rodriguez, manager of the molding area in Merit.

The company currently has 15 molding machines but there will be 35 installed.  And talking about molds, at Merit they have more than 600 different kind of molds, this according to the piece that is according to the piece that is going to be manufactured.

An important part in the production process at Merit is fulfilled in the SMT area, as it is here where electronic clapboards that have switches are manufactured.

“We fulfill different chips for clapboards, this depending on the manufactured switch,” assured Rogelio Garcia, supervisor of the SMT area in Merit.

The company also has a very important area which is known as the laboratory area, here products manufactured at the company are tested before being delivered to the customer aiming to verify quality and the switch, taking into different tests – not only of vibration – but of climatic testing where the product support is proven in cold or hot weather.  The objective is for the product to go through each quality test and guarantee it works correctly in any situation.


A committed company

One of the main social goals is for Merit to contribute with jobs generation, as well as to the growth of the city’s economy, despite being a company of recent creation, it is a company committed with the environment, it has defined programs for saving energy and water.

“One of the company’s goals for the next five years is the fulfillment of business transfers from Brazil to Zacatecas,” assured Juan Jose de la Garza, general manager of Merit in Matamoros.

Merit is a company focused on the search and development of human talent, and with the support of investors there is a future vision with countless opportunities.