“Fondo Mante” is a company founded by local investors to trigger economic impact projects in the Region comprised by the municipalities of El Mante, Gonzalez, Xicotencatl, Ocampo, Gomez Farias, Antiguo and Nuevo Morelos, and Llera in the agri-food, textile and of service sectors.


Jose Luis Castellanos Gonzalez, member of a group of entrepreneurs that trusted and decided – as many – to bet on this project in their city.


“It practically emerged from nothing, after talking with friends and former colleagues from when I was mayor, local deputy and state official.


Now I am outside everything, that was my first answer when they proposed me to make a textile company, but when they called me again I shared with other entrepreneurs who thought that it could not hurt to listen,” he explained.


The “Fondo Mante” textile company currently has a workforce of 138 employees in the production area (operators) and 20 people in the personnel area.



After several negotiation with Tamaulipas Government analyzing this project feasibility, they arrived to San Luis Rio Colorado with a good friend to whom they requested the machinery needed for the project; in exchange he told them that he could sell them 569 machines when in fact they had thought producing 25 thousand garments per week with 138 machines, however, this proposal was attractive and completely changed the expectation.

“It took a year to settle this project, since 4 million pesos is not the same than 20 million pesos to start it; however, we saw the opportunities this will generate in the city, as we have always bet on generating jobs and this was the moment,” said the local entrepreneur.


After 12 years there was no company like this one in Mante – the last one closed in 2007 – this opportunity arrived, in which a cheerful group of entrepreneurs participated.


The industrial building was obtained in bailment, thanks to the support of Tamaulipas Governor, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca; while the entrepreneurs had to refurbish and settle everything needed for 200 people to work there on a first stage; though, in less than a month and with the production rhythm they have it will increase in 100 more jobs.



“Garments arrive from Los Angeles, California; it comes cut and here is machined and returned; everything according to patterns sent,” explained Jose Luis Castellanos.


There is a competition model per production line that makes workers endeavor to make more garments per day, this way they earn more, it is a way of encourage and motivate their personnel, in addition of impacting the employee development.


“The expectation is that in 8 months the company could expand their operations by launching more than 560 machines and with that complete an important production and employ more people from the area,” said the entrepreneur.


What this project has clear is that the workers must be supporter to grow, therefore there is not a minimal of studies required, nor experience, and they are trained and included in a support environment of healthy competition.


Garments to be tailored will be preferentially for current and future customers from MI3 company and under their supervision and quality control.


“Fondo Mante” will permanently have a training and practice center to teach current and future personnel in the company that allows assuring the quality MI3 has as work standard and for that, it has work agreements with medium and superior education institutions.


The company is settled in the municipality of El Mante inside a 5500 m2 industrial building, with spaces that allow observing expansion future projects to open more work positions which will decrease the high unemployment rate present in the last years in region.

Complete name: Textilera “Fondo Mante”

City: Mante, Tamaulipas

Capital: Mexico

Square feet: 5,500 mt2

Service: Sewing and tailoring

Employees: 200