its origin is Spanish and of Chinese capital

Shortly, the construction of the new maquila will begin in Matamoros, which will have an extension of 100 thousand square feet. The new company belongs to the automotive sector and its origin is Spanish and of Chinese capital.


The company will be dedicated to the production of safety parts for vehicles, such as sensors for air bags; investors are planning to start construction of their industrial plant as soon as possible to begin production operations starting next year.


The Secretary of Economic Development and Employment Promotion, Arturo Gomez Ibarra, stressed that the arrival of this new company comes to consolidate the vocation in the automotive industry that is in the area, in turn he emphasized that it is truly surprising the development that is has been registering in the maquila industry in Matamoros in recent months.


The new automotive company will employ about 800 workers in the city, this only in its first stage and will be located just west side of the city.


“At the moment, companies that arrive in the city are increasing the growth of the industrial sector towards the west of the city, because they can take advantage of the international free trade bridge and also the railroad that is there,” he said. Arturo Gomez Ibarra, secretary of Economic Development and Employment Promotion in Matamoros.