Is their sixth plant in Mexico


Municipal and federal authorities as well as officials from the company Keys Systems for Latin America attended the ribbon cutting that opened the new KSS plant in Matamoros.


Ariel Longoria, executive director of operations for Latin America from KSS, assured that they decided to settle KSS in Matamoros due to being a border city, having great potential regarding workforce, in direct operation as well as professional.


The American company is focused to the manufacture of air bags, belts and wheels, the current plant settled in Matamoros will exclusively dedicate to the manufacture of wheels.


Manuel Coronel Camacho, Plant Manager at KSS in Matamoros, said that the projection of the recent plant will depend on the clients with which they will be working, currently they are only working with Premium clients which are BMW, Telsa and grupo Chrysler is about to be integrated, as well as GM and next year Ford will be incorporated; a production of 12000 to 13000 wheels per day.


“Constant training of KSS employees is of fundamental importance to fulfill the market range, this is the sixth KSS plant in Mexico, there is one in Ciudad Juarez, 4 in Valle Hermoso and what we opened today in Matamoros,” said Heriberto Valle, human resources director at KSS for Latin America.


The recently opened plant in Matamoros is providing employment to 650 workers at the beginning, 1650 vacancies are intended to be covered, a production of 12,000 to 13,000 wheels will be managed per day, among its future projects are the installation of its own laboratory which will allow training engineers for the fulfillment of their own industrial and experimental designs, as well as the potential opening of a university that will allow educating the personnel in suitable careers to then hiring them in KSS company.