100 years of history


KSS 100 years of history

Key Safety Systems has been Pioneer in safety technology to save lives since 1916.  From manual steering wheels for the Ford Model-T, to the retractable seatbelts improvement, the beginning of airbags and progress in crash sensors, to current active safety solutions; KSS continues on the forefront in mobility safety.


1916 the beginning of KSS

KSS traced its roots in 1916 when the businessman Harry E. Sheller strategically entered in the market as level one automotive supplier.  Sheller produced handmade steering wheels for Ford Motor Company Model T, and expanded to satisfy the growing demand of the “car for the masses.”


Key Safety Systems is an international company, leader in the integration of systems and safety critical components performance in the automotive market.  It mainly serves active safety sectors, passive safety and specialty products.


The Evolution

Based in 100 years of innovation and industry leadership, the company provides safety systems for more than vehicle models of the main automobile manufacturers worldwide.


Year 2000 “Global expansion”

The first level sector was consolidated and KSS developed a solid business base in Europe and North America.  The company entered in the Asian market by opening an office in Japan for the first time, where it has operated for 25 years.  KSS continued to expand in Asia and today it is present in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.  It global presence includes 32 facilities in 14 countries.


Year 2016 “The next 100 years”

“Being able to keep standing for one hundred years in a fiercely competitive environment is a remarkable achievement,” said Jason Luo, Key Safety Systems CEO.  “In addition, it is an honor for the pioneer entrepreneurial spirit of the company to shine as a safety light inside the companies we serve.  Continue with our ruthless impulse – adjust and grow – in new product lines and wider global markets is a remainder of the willingness and dedication of our employees to save lives.  With the expansion of ADAS opportunities, active safety segments and yet untapped prospects, we are looking forward to our next one hundred years!”


Year 2017 “Opens its doors in Matamoros, Tamaulipas”

Key Safety Systems has 6 plants only  in Mexico; one of them in Ciudad Juarez, four more in Valle Hermoso and one more recently opened in Matamoros, Tam., creating job opportunities for more than 650 workers on its first stage, considering reaching 1,650 vacancies.


KSS is focused in the manufacture of air bags, belts and wheels; however, the plant settled in Matamoros, Tam. will dedicate its production exclusively to the manufacture of steering wheels and a production of 12,000 to 13,000 steering wheels per day is estimated.


Matamoros is a city that due to its geographic strategy, the closeness it has with the United States, its connection systems as train and seaport; make it an attractive city for the industrial sector, from there that the sixth plant of Key Safety Systems will be installed in Matamoros.


Even though Key Safety Systems has more than 60 clients worldwide, the recent installed plant in Matamoros will work exclusively with “premium” customers, such as BMW and Tesla, for whom it will manufacture its exclusive wheels.  In turn Grupo Chrysler, GM and Ford will be exclusive clients with which they will be working for the opening of a new production line.


KSS opening the way to Technological Innovation

Among the projects Key Safety Systems is planning there is the installation of its own laboratory; what will allow the direct training of engineers for the fulfillment of its own industrial and experimental designs, giving way to technological innovation.

The opening of a university is another project that the company Key Safety Systems has; it will allow granting suitable professions to its personnel, as well as forming suitable profiles for the development and function of the production areas required by the company.