Nuevo Laredo, together with Tamaulipas delegation, presented their attractions in touristic matters and infrastructure of conventions in the most important tourism event in the American continent: IBTM Americas, in Mexico City.

With an outstanding presence in the State’s stand, Nuevo Laredo served more than 3 thousand conventioneers from different countries, who had a great interest in learning about events spaces and meetings the city has.


Fernando Olivera Rocha, secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, together with the federal secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marques, fulfilled the ribbon cut that settled the beginning of Tamaulipas participation in this touristic forum.

The Nuevo Laredo delegation has led by the director of Tourism from the Ministry of Economic Development from the Government of Nuevo Laredo, Samuel Lozano, as well as the director of the WTC Nuevo Laredo, Rocio Bretschneider, who promoted the advantages to make business connections between Nuevo Laredo and the world.

Nuevo Laredo elaborated one of its typical dishes from the region gastronomy: deer tamales, which resulted in a great attraction for those approaching their stand, in addition of being marvel with other products made by Tamaulipas’ people hands, such as mescal Sierra Chiquita, manufactured in the municipality of San Carlos.

There were also exhibited and offered for sale “Made in Tam,” such as leather bags, cueras tamaulipecas and different food promoted by artisans and representatives of state tourism, as well as hotel chains, conventions centers, operators tour, and hunting tourism promoters.

This year, IBTM Americas held six educational forums and 50 conferences with outstanding personalities, such as the former president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, among others.

Touristic presence and promotion of Nuevo Laredo are one of the most important national forums held at Centro CitiBanamex this year.