A world class company dedicated to automotive manufacture


Inteva Products is a European company, founded by Traugutt Golde in 1872, although the Inteva Products brand was introduced in the market in 2008, the company has a rich international history.  In the following 30 years, four additional vehicles suppliers Inland Manufacturing Company, Guide Lamp, Fisher Body Company and Arvin Heater Company were born creating the origins of the four main production lines from Inteva.


In 2008 Inteva Products opened its first industrial building in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, the building has 691.86 m2 and it dedicates to the manufacture of consoles, boards, doors modules and doors secures.  In 2009, the company dedicated to the automotive manufacture, decided to carry a second expansion of its facilities due to the production increase, both buildings provided jobs to 3,795 workers.  In June 2017, Inteva Products fulfilled its third expansion, offering 800 vacancies.


Inteva is a company present in 18 countries globally and it has 50 plants worldwide.  Production held by Inteva in Matamoros, is exported to countries as the United States, China, Korea, Germany, Australia and Shanghai; manufacturing a total of 34.610 pieces of finished product.


The company dedicates to the automotive manufacturing decided to open its industrial buildings in Matamoros, due to it being a border city that has a customs infrastructure of quickness for the import and export of merchandise with the United States.  At the same time they had different transportation means such as terrestrial, aerial and marine, as well as a great high quality workforce.




The production process held at Inteva Productos in the plants established in Matamoros, is varied; as the injection molding, paint, adhesive application, plastic rolls manufacturing, thermoforming, lining, sewing, assembly, heat treatment, stamping, die cutting and sewing


At the same time it has global resources for engineering, manufacturing and the service of four main production lines: closure systems, interior systems, engines and electronics and roof systems.


Inteva Products is a company that offers innovation based in the value and ecology products that improve quality and performance of vehicles original equipment manufacturer in the automotive Industry.


Highly qualified personnel


The company requires highly qualified personnel, to operate in its different departments in operations and production, as in the management area, for which it offers positions in maintenance, mechatronics, electro-mechanics, automation, as well as industrial engineers, mechatronics, chemistry, computer systems, environmental and business management and bachelor's degrees in administration, accounting and commercial and international operations.


Inteva Products offers a great opportunity of growth and professional development to its entire personnel that as a technical career or that is currently studying a professional degree.


The company offers a great job environment to its employees, due to it being accompany consolidating worldwide and that has had a quick growth in Matamoros, offering its employees great growth expectations.


A company with an enormous social responsibility spirit

Inteva Products is a company with an enormous social responsibility spirit, it actively supports the communities where each of its industrial buildings is installed, and it dedicates to the formation of teams integrated by its employees providing community support when help is required.

Likely it supports local schools to improve the learning environment.  Promoting the volunteering to improve the communities and the environment.  They participate and guide the community in an event to improve the local environment and promote good practices of environmental management.


Inteva Products has a team with a strong commitment with the development of new materials, innovative products offers and advanced process technology to better serve its customers.  Employees promise their integrity, insights and creativity in everything they do.