Having the monthly meeting with members of the Colonial Industrial Park Association as a framework, the agreement signing was held between Index Reynosa and Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, by its Spanish initials.)

This agreement is reasserted the coordinated work between Index and CFE team, in addition to reinforcing ties to work together with companies in prevention matters.

“The agreement was officially celebrated some years ago, this signing is an update of the support and collaboration CFE can provide the industry with, and today it particularly has held the formal event directly with the people involved in the maintenance area of one of the industrial parks that have higher challenges due to its geographic location,” said Jesus Adrian Lopez, in charge of the big customers office in CFE Reynosa.

Martha Ramos, director of Index Reynosa, thanked the presence of Olivia Alvarez, chief of the commercial department at CFE Reynosa area and Jesus Adrian Lopez, in charge of the big customers' office in CFE Reynosa, to provide continuity to the support the Electricity Commission has with the manufacturing industry.

In addition to the agreement signing, representatives from the maintenance area of maquila companies located in the Colonial Industrial park held a workshop lectured by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) with which was sought to benefit companies from this sector in prevention matters.

The Colonial Industrial Park Association emerged a year ago and work has been done to seek a common good and improve the image and infrastructure – to mention some aspects – with the same objective of making it attractive to investors, customers and commercial partners.

“Recently we held an event and through contacts with CFE effective coordination was made.  Very few knew that an important event was held in this industrial park in Reynosa at the middle of the year, and this caused the power failure that affected at least six companies, some have an impact of about 12 to 14 hours without electric service; however, there was a good coordination and as a lesson CFE is advising companies’ maintenance personnel.

“This is a win-win, therefore we can offer as maquila companies some suggestions that from a prevention point of view knowing what we can do regarding the electric network, conditions, and infrastructure,” said Ismael Salazar, representative of the Colonial Industrial Park Association.