CEDEC regional presidents meet; preparing proposals for economic development 

The regional presidents of the State Council for Economic Development and Competitiveness (CEDEC, by its Spanish initials) met in a meeting led by Miguel Angel Manzur Pedraza, state president of that body, to review the progress of the agenda that includes promoting training and competitiveness in the state.


The meeting was held in the state capital, being the first meeting in which all the regional presidents of CEDEC, with the state president and with new advisers who joined the organism.


The meeting reviewed the progress of the most attractive projects in each area of the Tamaulipas territory, which were previously agreed, formulated or proposed by the economic actors of each region.


In that sense, Juan Antonio Lazalde Romo, president of CEDEC in Nuevo Laredo said that these projects are important, “because it is a group of private entrepreneurs who accompany the economic development plans, in order to accelerate and generate first synergies between the municipal government, the state government and private initiative, in order to reach a common denominator of projects, especially in innovation and competitiveness.”


He explained that it is therefore necessary to design educational plans that respond to the needs of the industrial sector and services, and it is necessary that the students are those who generate those same ideas, so it is planned to support the students with the patent registry.


In turn, Jorge Vinals Ortiz de la Pena, director of the Institute for competitiveness of Nuevo Laredo and adviser to the CEDEC presidency said that with this type of initiatives can be caused those decisions to be taken with a better vision of what Tamaulipas needs in terms of competitiveness and economic development.


“And something very important is that we must know well the indicators of Tamaulipas and how Tamaulipas is in the national and international context to cause a promotion of a culture of competitiveness based on knowledge of information, this is to be the forum to agree and take all the decisions,” said Vinals Ortiz de la Pena.


The meeting also included Mario Ramirez, president of CEDEC in Matamoros, who said that they are analyzing what projects can help different regions of the State to be more competitive, “Matamoros has many advantages because of its geographical location; we have sea, areas for cultivation, livestock, maquila industry and soon wind farms.”


Juan Carlos Perez, CEDEC President in Reynosa said that the objective is “to look for everything that is possible to do and that we can do in the short and medium term, but these projects have to be sustainable and help us having a better quality of life, so that our companies are more competitive and we can have more to offer the investments that come both domestic and abroad.”


He also added that “We are particularly trying to integrate with the Texas Valley, we are a region that we want to work in this way, because Reynosa is the largest city in the state, which generates more employment, where more taxes are paid, then the idea is that this size we tie it with the quality of life and the labor supply that we have.”


Sergio Maldonado Pumarejo, CEDEC president in the Southern Region, said that projects that are considered fundamental to trigger economic development, have the consensus of the private chambers and the business sector.


“I welcome the fact that the council was formed very early in the administration because this allows the project to be landed during the entire six-year period, and projects are being planned. That allows that from the first year are defined which projects the Private Initiative is proposing to the State Government because we know that there is provision to promote economic incentives for companies that want to install,” he said.


Meanwhile, CEDEC's state president, Miguel Angel Mansur Pedraza, said that for the first time the presidents of each of the six regions met, in order to detailed plan the strategies of competitiveness, forming a team for a great diagnosis of the State.


“So that we know what variables we lack to make more competitive and where we can work on that topic, because each region already brings a previous study, where everyone will integrate to reconcile and agree on the issue of economic development, to do a great concept of development and for all regions to walk in the same direction and at the same time.”



Mansur Pedraza said that the members of CEDEC hope to be able to present the projects to the State Governor, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, “and we would focus the batteries on each of the projects in each region, and that are projects that pull and detonate the economy, because I talked to the governor and he told me that he is very interested and that he wants to firsthand know the projects of the same entrepreneurs.”