Where is Industry 4.0 leading us?

Nowadays is fundamental to deeply know two important subjects: one is Innovation and two, Industry 4.0, and particularly this last one is relevant to detail where are we going? Where is the industry going in Tamaulipas? As how manufacture 4.0 is being developed and implemented must be promoted


4th Industrial Revolution

Guillermo Fernandez, executive director of the United States - Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC, by its Spanish initials) said that in fact it is not only about the 4th Industrial Revolution, but that it is about the 4th Technological Revolution, same that is influencing in all productive activities; in services, agriculture, education, as everything is having a radical transformation.


“This is part of what we are living with UBER, Airbnb; we are living with everything that is taking place in the medical community for example, where there is a radical transformation in how diagnosis is made and how problems are being solved, thanks to artificial intelligence, thanks to connectivity, which is the essence of what the 4th Industrial Revolution is about,” said Guillermo Fernandez.


The 4th Industrial Revolution is – how – taking advantage of the great existing capability in communication, interaction, accumulation of information, today there can be intelligent systems, shared, collaborative systems that help decisions being quick, efficient, participative and that companies have better elements to compete in a world that is changing in an impressive manner.


Industry 4.0 and the Export Manufacturing Industry

There are three contexts: internal, that has to do with what can be made inside companies.  External, which is what can be done within the business context; suppliers, customers, supports; since there is an extensive amount of opportunities of using Industry 4.0 technologies and a third scientific – technological – educational context.


It is important to underline that the formal name of the technologies related to Industry 4.0 is “Cyber-Physical Technologies,” this means the union of computers, information management, artificial intelligence (added intelligence shared with human beings,) with the interaction with the physical: machines, production lines, equipment operation, people, etc.


A third scientific – technological – educational context, which is what give companies the elements to understand and use these technologies in a suitable manner.


“This is a context that implies education, implies support to use the advances – new knowledge – and of course it implies research, generation of new knowledge or new ways of applying that knowledge,” said Fernandez.


The great challenge of Industry 4.0

One of the challenges for Industry 4.0 is the “Organizational Culture” and it is important for the company to be aware: if people or organizations are not aware of what is taking place, what there is, what is coming, the way it can be used and how risks and danger of not using it can be avoided; is left out.


All this depends on the opening, that people is open to new things, be open to participate, collaborate and accept others supporting and intervening in what they do.  This with the objective of knowing that it is an improvement and opening spaces for all being benefited of everyone’s contributions.  This is achieved with connectivity and all cyber-physical activities are based on having digitalization that allows a wide communication.


Most of the companies are not even aware of the advantages of these technologies.  Most companies have a trend of thinking that new things are risky, expensive and difficult, complex to use.


To understand a little more about what Industry 4.0 or I4.0 is about, Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza said that it is a transformation from the company’s inside that uses technology to improve everything that means collaboration.  This is not only means being prepared to apply a technology, but being prepared to be part of a culture, an organization where collaboration, participation, innovation really exists, there is continuous transformation and modification, as it is there where we currently are, is the reality we are living in.


In a meeting with businessmen and representatives of Economic Development and Education, Fernandez underlined the project in a short term to establish a Productivity and Innovation Center in Reynosa, aiming to transform the border in the most competitive area of the world.  Tamaulipas can work as forefront for a program that allows providing a comprehensive support to all companies in what is needed to integrate technologies 4.0, this implies for them to be aligned, aware and supported by the main community actors, and this implies companies, superior educational institutions, which will be fundamental for all this.


Orchestrating the factories of the future

Anoop Balachandran, Bosch Regional Manager (Americas) – Industry 4.0, said regarding what implies “Orchestrating the factories of the future.” Bosch is an industrial company, as well as of technology, that has more than 280 plants around the world which are adopting Industry 4.0.


What Industry 4.0 is about?

For Bosch, this Industry is an evolution; from industry 1.0 to 4.0 is a trip and not only a destination.


It is about entering in physical systems of design which are the future.  The impact Industry 4.0 has in companies are several; from competitiveness and advantages it generates.  Another impact form is through technology, since it can help achieving productivity at a superior level.


In addition, the bottom line and top line are two big things that can be transformed through a clear and brief application of industry 4.0.


What is that companies need for this kind of Industry 4.0?

Anoop Balachandran said that Industry 4.0 companies need to have a route map, since they need to know where and how they want to achieve.  Technology is always enabled, and it is the people and processes what is really strong when implementations from Industry 4.0 do come.


Leticia Garza, from Albea, said that this Industry 4.0 is the technology that is coming to supersede and innovate the way how manufacturing industry is currently operating in fact the company Albea located in Reynosa recently received a visit from the United States - Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) to know: what do they do? How they do it? And see what can be implemented in this industry in order to be more efficient.