A solid company with 25 years in the manufacturing industry 

I. A. I. is an American company, founded in 1992, by Bob Katusak, who saw in Matamoros, the importance of Mexican workforce as well as its quality to produce.


The Company started fulfilling manufacturing services to then be into the manufacture sector manufacturing 1,800 pieces per month.


I.A.I. has a territorial extension of 300 thousand square feet and employs 1,200 people.  It has 6 plants in Matamoros, 1 in Ciudad Hidalgo and 1 warehouse in Texas Valley.




The manufacturing process in I. A. I. is diverse, they make injection molding, laser engraving, injection-based paint; the manufacture of buttons, handles and finishing components for the automotive industry is one of their priorities.


Within injection molding, the process includes single shot injection and insert model where equipment ranging from 20-400 tons presses are used.


I.A.I., has the machinery of the highest technology to produce, among the machinery that is used, are injection machines, presses, painting machines, robots and is one of the few companies in the city that has the a water insertion system.


Most of the products manufactured in I. A. I. are exported to different points of the Mexican Republic, such as Reynosa and Ciudad Juarez, due to the fact that in these areas are the companies of the automotive sector with which they work directly. The rest of the manufacture of products is exported to countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada and part of Europe.


I. A. I. is a company committed to the economy of Matamoros, its suppliers are local, in order to strengthen the economy of the city. Some of the suppliers with which the company works, are Universal Hardware, Publipack, Industrial Cartons, among others.


The company is in constant training, every employee that enters, must be trained for a certain time before they occupy their position in the manufacturing area, they must also wear glasses, boots and a safety vest to enter the area where they will work.


I. A. I. has several certifications that allow them to operate in the region and at the same time produce with the best quality standards. Among the company's certifications are ISO 9001: 2008, ISO-TS16949: 2009, ISO 14001: 2004, CT-PAT and a Self-management Certification.


“Matamoros is distinguished by a great workforce, intelligent and committed to years of experience, in addition it has an excellent geographical location, main reason why I.A.I. companies decided to set their first plant 25 years ago in Mexican territory,” said Bob Katusak, president of I.A.I. companies




I.A.I. is a company committed to the society of Matamoros, not only provides employment to the population, but also supports several civil associations in the city, such as the Down Syndrome Association, Caritas de Matamoros and the Foundation for children with lack of oxygen.


“What gives me most satisfaction is that in the 25 years that I.A.I. companies have been in Matamoros, is their people, they are very clever people who have the ability to learn new work techniques in a very short time, and that is something that generates a lot of confidence, especially for our customers, who know they are going to get a great quality product,” said Bob Katusak, President of I.A.I.