1. - First National Place in exports from chemical industry with 2,048 million dollars, that represent 18.7 % of the national total.

2. - National leader in foreign trade movement fulfilled through roads and railroad transportation modes.  41.2 % crossed through Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa customs.  From 2017 to 2018, this foreign trade flow grew 7.3 % in the State.

3. - In 2018 the total goods movements were fulfilled through the ports of Tampico and Altamira was of 31.6 million tons including petroleum.  4th National Place compared with 2017, recorded an increase of 7.7 percent.

4. - During the IV quarter of 2018 compared with the same period the year before, Tamaulipas showed a 3 % growth of its economic activities.  11th place nationwide.

5. - Tamaulipas in the primary sector recorded an increase of 11.9 % and located in 4th National Place.

6. - Tamaulipas in secondary activities recorded a variation of 2.3 % and located in 11th National Place.

7. - In the secondary sector, without petroleum mining, Tamaulipas registered an increase of 3.1 % and located in 10th National Place.

8. - Within the Manufacture, Maquila, and Export Services IMMEX the States locates in 5th Place Nationwide with 414 companies and more than 262 thousand jobs.

9. - In tertiary activities Tamaulipas located in 12th place nationally with a 2.9 percent growth.