Name of the company: Haemotronic-Advanced Medical Technologies

Origin of capital: Italy

Foundation date: 1979

Date of beginning of operations in Reynosa: 2016 although they arrived in 2005 as Shelter

Infrastructure: 8,500 square feet, they are planning to have 16,000 square meters for June 2019

Product: Medical devices ‘mono-uso’

The Company was born in 1079 as part of the pharmaceutical group mainly focused on serum.  Back then, plastic PVC production was developed in Italy, therefore the combination of flexible PVC plastic with the use in medical industry allowed this group to create Haemotronic as an essential part for the use of plastic in hospitals.

“Since 1979 we developed different typologies of materials and products; but the history of the medical industry began where Haemotronic was born: in Mirandola, Italy; thanks to the capability of extruding and molding PVC,” said Ettore Ravizza, president of the North America area of Haemotronic Advanced Medical Technologies.

They have two plants in Italy and it represents the corporate; until today, it is the most important part of production; they are also present in Rumania and the plant in Reynosa, which represents the base for the United States market.


Products manufactured by Haemotronic, are made based on their customers’ requirements.  The idea is based on three basic aspects: connector – tube – connector.

There are several products manufactured at the plant in Reynosa, but they are observing to do more, mainly focused in the manufacturing of tubes and connectors; all of medical grade.

Haemotronic manages two market lines; one focused on the ‘infusional’ part, which includes the serum bottle part.  In addition of having a production of blood management lines used for different blood treatments, such as dialysis, plasma or the different uses in blood management.

The production varies and there can be talked about millions; and example is of the year 2018 where more than 40 million pieces were molded.

“To have an idea, in Italy we molded more than 2 billion parts in a period of 12 months, therefore we manage a high volume.  Obviously it depends on the product, since on a finished product we talk about thousands or hundreds of products; therefore it depends on the product’s typology,” said Ravizza.

The plant in Reynosa is designed to manage a very high volume, but also to be flexible and manage new products and developments; because one important thing they do here is develop new products for their customers; and this includes from molds, tube dimension; to finished product, sterilize it and get it ready for their use in a hospital.

Haemotronic plant Reynosa exports its products towards their market in the United States and Mexico.


For the production of this kind of products, Haemotronic sets the plastic transformation process in motion; they have an equipment that performs a plastic extrusion process to manufacture tubes of different materials; mainly of PVC, same that is from Italy, although they also use Mexican or German PVC.

The tube is connected through connectors – always of plastic –, which are transformed with ‘plastic injection molding’ or molding processes, for which Haemotronic has several machines of this kind which are of last technology and belong to Industry 4.0.

These machines are connected to servers located in Italy, from where they are monitoring more than one hundred molding machines connected in a central manner to a server in Europe.

Industry 4.0 implementation

Haemotronic already had systems and processes related with Industry 4.0, it was in Italy where they began using them in 2015; long before Industry 4.0 was a fashion.

“We had many machines connected to Industry 4.0, the entire part of ‘smart warehousing,’ especially in Italy; it is the same technology we are planning to install in Reynosa,” said Ettore Ravizza.

Why investing in Tamaulipas?

Ravizza said that Tamaulipas represents a perfect strategic option for Haemotronic, because it is on a geographic position that allows reaching and serving the North American market, from Canada to Mexico and the United States.

“It is very central; it has good access and proximity to the United States which today represents the most important market for us in the medical industry in which we are working on.  This, combined with other human factors we found, such as Reynosa’s people technical level confirmed our decision of settling in Reynosa, Tamaulipas,” said Ettore.

Haemotronic arrived to Reynosa for the first time in 2005 as a Shelter developed in the following years; until July 2016 when they leased the plant with important growth projects for the company worldwide.

Announcing an expansion

This Project consists in that the plant has an extension of 16 thousand square meters available.  In the phase that has been completed, 8 thousand square meters were leased and in phase two – which belong to this expansion – includes the construction of a new clean room.

A clean room is the production area the company has to manufacture medical product; the construction of a new clean room includes 4 thousand square meters to settle in Reynosa one of the most important productions: ‘Disposable Medical Devices,’ for the North America market.