The company continues to expand in Reynosa

An important expansion project developed by the company in Reynosa, Western Industries Corporation, company that has 19 years of being present in this city, by opening a new operations plant at the Industrial Park Reynosa, which has a surface of 70 thousand square feet area and 55 thousand square feet in infrastructure.

Grupo WIC as it is known is dedicated to provide different solutions in packaging and packing that help reducing the total cost and to protect their customers’ products.  For many years, Grupo WIC occupied a building of 35 thousand square feet at the ProLogis Industrial Park, from where thanks to their customers portfolio, had the need of building a new operations plant, now at the Reynosa Industrial Park.


Opening Ceremony

The new plant was officially opened on August 21st which has an infrastructure of 55 thousand square feet with option to do another expansion with 15 thousand square feet.  This installation capability allows having a storage space and increases the capability to receive more material to produce in a faster and more effective manner.

The plant started the construction on January 1st, 2018, and the workforce, if it was not increased; it did increase the company in equipment and machinery.

“Our process was somewhat obsolete for the production needs and for the capability of supplying our customers on time and manner, thus they decided acquiring automated equipment to speed up the processes production maintaining the same workforce,” said Alfonso Diaz, plant manager at Western Industries Corporation.

He added that to date Grupo WIC has received 3 automated machines that will substitute the mechanic machinery and are in installation process.  In addition, soon a new machinery will be incorporated that will allow them performing cuts in wood and an automated press pretended to be managed by one person only.  Thanks to this change, Western Industries Corporation in Reynosa will be capable of increasing its production in 30 %; currently their annual sales are in 6.4 million dollars and before the end of 2018 they observe the goal or reaching sales by 8 million dollars.  Louis Morelli, Chief Operations from Western Industries Corporation, said at her message that this was the first international business adventure, recognized and distinguished the work and effort of its personnel that was know how to face challenges, as well as celebrate the triumph obtained by this company in Reynosa throughout this 19 years of presence.

Meanwhile, Mirthala Montelongo, general manager of Western Industries in Reynosa said that for more than 45 years, Grupo WIC packaging have been synonymous of quality and trust, thanks to the corporate commitment with their customers around the world.

“Grupo WIC is leader in the manufacturing and design of packaging with a total of 450 employees, 4 plants in the United States, 1 in Mexico, 5 design centers, production and Asia members,” detailed Mirthala.

Why are they continue to grow in Reynosa

Workforce is a good reason to be in Reynosa, as the plant manager Alfonso Diaz, said: “Mexican workforce is the most classified workforce in the world.”

Grupo WIC is currently in certification process in OEA; which will open the company more doors to sale to the internal market in the country.

“We do not want to be far, but we need to cover the center area even more, industrial corridors as San Luis Potosi, Saltillo, Queretaro, the Bajio, Puebla, Mexico; since the product we do is not common, we are in fact a tarimera, we are a packaging and packing engineering company, and all our product is custom made for our customers’ needs,” said Alfonso Diaz.