Companies are seeking for human talent

It is important to underline that there are job opportunities at Reynosa’s different productive sectors, such as the commercial sector, service sector and even in the manufacturing Industry sector, in which there are good job opportunities for new talent as well as for the existing one; and this thanks to the expansion and growth projects that companies continue developing in the city, and indeed, it is because of the capability Reynosa has in this important sector.


There are several companies seeking for talent for their operation plants in Reynosa, for example: the Automotive company is offering more than 2 thousand vacancies at union level as operators for their new plant; in addition it has vacancies as trust positions in areas such as quality and technicians in different specialties.


Automotive Sector

Automotive has more than 16 years of being presence in the market, in Reynosa it is located at del Norte Industrial Park and due to its expansion they are in process of opening two more plants in the city.  There are two more industrial buildings named Automotive Maquiladora, we currently have two plants and two more industrial buildings will be opened in April in the same Industrial Park,” said Edgar Palomino from HR area.


The company in Reynosa is dedicated to the remanufacturing of automotive parts such as steering, automotive pumps and the caliper or break.  The 4 industrial buildings that this company will have in total as of April this year in del Norte Industrial Park, will be dedicated to this same operation; the remanufacturing of automotive parts.


Electronic Sector

This company belongs to the electronic sector and is dedicated to the assembly of electronic tablets.  Its presence in Mexico includes several cities such as Tijuana, Monterrey and Reynosa, where they have been present for 5 years, Schneider Electric, is also recruiting talent for its areas of planning, purchase, SMP technicians, for the area of testing analysis, the quality area, as well as practitioners and operators.


Automotive Sector

Tenneco is a company from the automotive sector present in Reynosa for 24 years; it dedicates to the production of bushings and stabilizer bars for automobiles, trucks, ships and airplanes.  Tenneco is a company that distinguishes for being a company that provides growing opportunities, it has 150 plants worldwide and is the only one in Tamaulipas in having the patent to elaborate rubber; it highlights for having important customers considered as Tier 1.


Its workforce includes 800 employees in Reynosa; its production is massive depending mostly of machinery.  “Our vacancies are focused in specialties as technicians and maintenance; the main vacancies are focused in PLC engineering, maintenance technicians, Set Up technicians, maintenance supervisors and automation and control engineers.


2019, a new plant in Reynosa

Tenneco currently has 3 plants in Reynosa; however, there are about to open a 4th one in 2019.  Regarding infrastructure, Tenneco is a big company located at the Maquilapark Industrial Park, “in fact we are the largest plant installed in this Industrial Park,” said Alejandrina Cota, talent acquirer at Tenneco Mexico.


Therefore if you are looking for a job, remember there are companies in Reynosa that are seeking talent for their different job areas.