EATON began operations as corporate in 1998, later in 2003 campus EATON Industries started operations, and it is located in Reynosa Industrial Park, in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

There were barely 15 workers willing to position the company at a high level inside the automotive sector, the market for which the company manufactures differentials and fuel valves.

EATON Industries is a plant not satisfied with performing a good job, their vision goes beyond.  For more than 100 years, innovation in electric energy management, hydraulic and mechanic of Eaton help to encourage the progress of our time without leaving asides the promise of the future.  Currently, Eaton focuses its operations in the automotive industry and its products are exported to the entire American, European and Asian continents.


Regarding their workforce, Eaton has people capable of continue encouraging the company to higher positions, working on a total harmony environment.

There is such harmony, a good environment and, mainly, good bases this company provides its collaborators with that many have achieved fulfilled a 20 and 15 years career serving the company.

Human talent in a company is considered a key piece to achieve its objectives, and it is worth mentioning that that talent must be committed and encouraged to reach success.

Thanks to quality work each employee places on their activities, talking of unionized or trusted personnel, EATON Industries, is among the largest and most solid companies with favorable performance. 


Mary Alor, manager of Eaton Vehiculos plant in Reynosa, said about this company personnel as they recognized a wide group of employees that have remained in the company for 15 and 20 years of service.

This personnel, knows about responsibility and commitment, knows that by choosing to work in this company, professional and personal growth opportunities are available for anyone who wants it.

“Personally for my entire leadership team and for Eaton is a proud having this loyal and committed personnel that has been with us during this period.  With this recognition for them we try to give back a little the effort and work they have dedicated to this company,” said Maria del Carmen Pavon.

Pavon added: “We are proud and happy of having personnel that has remained for so long with Eaton; we would like for them to continue with us and that more personnel arrives in this seniority period with the company.”

Meanwhile, Damaso Rodriguez, human resources manager of Eaton Industries in Reynosa, said that recognizing employees seniority who have 15 and 20 years of work is important for the company, as it is a proud having personnel with this seniority that helps to produce differentials and fuel valves – products manufactured in Reynosa plant – with better quality, since they are products distributed to its customers worldwide.


Francisco Gabino Mejia Lopez is 48 years old, he found in Eaton a working opportunity in April 1998.  He entered the company as a maintenance technician and today works as a master maintenance technician.

“I am proud to continue working in this company, Eaton is a company that has strong bases,” said Francisco.

Twenty years ago Francisco was seeking for a work opportunity, by entering Eaton he realized that bases this company offered its employees, how this business kept going despite the ups and downs; that was something that attracted Francisco, in addition to feeling confident of remaining in a company that will provide him with financial firmness, personal and professional.

Many young people are seeking a working opportunity, or even they have just started to develop working in a maquila company; it is important for them to know everything they can achieve.  Mejia Lopez explained: “When entering a company is always important to be loyal, if it is Eaton, this company will compensate that loyalty and will always be concern about its employees; their development, performance at work and in a personal manner; Eaton is a company that has everything,” assured Francisco Gabino Mejia Lopez.

Edgar Muniz Cantu, who is 50 years old, entered Eaton in 1998 to the materials area.

“Reaching 20 years in Eaton means having achieved accomplishments, advances, and experience that makes you feel proud of belonging to this company,” said Edgar.

Eaton is a quality company that encourages its employees.

Today, and personally and professionally, Eaton has given Edgar the opportunity of training, this makes him feel thankful for these years.

Continue fighting for what you want, settle tangible goals and continue going forward.

Different reasons have taken Edgar to remain two decades in Eaton, stability, quality of the company, every day overcoming opportunities; mainly, and as he said: “One of the main reasons of being proud to continue belonging to this company sees the achievements of my children, and that is the base that keeps me looking for improvement and my development in the company.”


Efrain Perez is 52 years old, he entered Eaton in October 20th, 2003 and for 15 years he has performed as a production supervisor.

He said that celebrating 15 years of career in Eaton means an entire life at the plant; “it has been satisfying sharing with so many people that have accompanied us throughout these years,” he underlined.

“I entered Eaton because this company provides us with the opportunity of knowing many people, gather with them and be part of their own lives; it has been very satisfying knowing so many people and make friends when collaborating for this company,” said the interviewed.

Finally, Efrain Perez said: “Those who are in this plant, I invite them to continue developing in Eaton, gather with the rest of the group and enjoy the time you are in this company.”