“A unique and different plant” 

Company: Dulces Famosos

Number of workers: 600

Start of operations: 2000

Infrastructure: 80 mil sq. ft

Products: Candies, Sweets

Location: Villa Florida Industrial Park


Christmas month is starting, where our start actor has a main role in most homes; same children and grownups enjoy and share its sweetness, peculiar -color-s and taste: “candy cane,” a delicious candy traditional in Christmas season, but it is also possible to find it in stores the entire year.  And is just that, which has not eaten any?


Something about its meaning

There is the widespread belief that canes have a meaning tied to Christianity: the white -color- represents the purity of the Virgin or Jesus Christ, the red means his blood, and the cane figure it is in fact a “J,” the initial of his name.  Moreover, there is also the belief that this “J” or cane is the same shepherds used when they went to know Jesus.  This is why it has a special message in Christmas season.


Did you know they are made in Reynosa?

Quite so! Reynosa Tam is where the company Dulces Famosos is located; this company arrived to the city in 2000, and it is settled at Villa Florida Industrial Park.

Ricardo Ortega Cabello, human resources manager of the company Dulces Famosos de Mexico, said that when they arrived to Reynosa in 2000, they started with only 24 employees and two production lines, 4 days a week.  Nowadays, there are 600 employees who work in one of the sweetest plants in Reynosa and of the only ones in the food industry; they have 25 production lines.


The origin of the company

The origin of the company is in the United States; it was born in 1919 and the grandchildren of the founder were the ones who decided to open an operations plant in Reynosa which named “Dulces Famosos de Mexico,” due to the original name of the company in the United States called “Famous Candies.”


Without doubt, and as many companies that arrived to Reynosa are, is the workforce quality what has make them take the decision of opening an operations plant in this city; in addition of its people and the warmth environment generated within its facilities.


Dulces Famosos has a sister plant in Linares, N.L. and also is present in other operations plants located in Illinois in the United States.


An interesting process

The process starts with the main raw material which is sugar, same that goes through high temperature cooking.  With special equipment, the cooked sugar drives through a stretching process to create dough to which is added the traditional mint flavoring.


Once the dough is ready and the -color- and required flavoring was added, it goes through a machine which will start the magic of transforming the famous candies into cane form, ball or little stick; this is possible thanks to that it is necessary to keep the caramel at certain temperature that allows the molding of it to make it a beautiful candy cane.  Once the canes are ready, they will pass through a line, one by one to reach the packing process.


Product lines

As years passed by other products have integrated to the lines managed by Dulces Famosos.  The main product is without doubt the mint canes; but there are other product families: such as mini canes, “Sweet Strimes” or even canes.


It is important to mention that not only min candies are produced, as there are other flavors in customers preferences and they go from chocolate, mocha, cherry, cinnamon and they are actually about to launch a new peppermint flavor.  “The sales team is continuously working in new flavors to attract more clients,” said Ricardo Ortega Cabello, human resources manager.


Do you imagine a production of 33 million pounds of candies a year? that is the exact amount that Dulces Famosos produces at its plant in Reynosa; from where are shipped thousands and thousands of candies to their distribution center in the United States, for them to arrive to customers such as Walmart, Sam’s, HEB, Family Dollar and Dollar General.


Future Plans

“We would like to continue working at the plant, the company trust Mexicans and they have the intention of continue investing and growing to provide jobs to the community,” said Ortega Cabello.