Lorenzo Bermea, from Agencia Aduanal Almanza Villarreal, discussed a new regulation being established by the Ministry of Economy, it is the Automatic Notification.

Although this is still a draft, there is not a settled date for its entry into force, its publication is already authorized on the Official Gazette.

In Bermea’s opinion this is one of the most elaborated regulations that exist and it is applicable for definitive imports, and now will also apply for temporary imports.

“This regulation will apply on goods from tariff’s chapter 72 and 73, these are steels, rolls, sheets, as well as some steel manufacturing,” explained Bermea.

The complexity of this regulation, Lorenzo explained, lies in the obtaining of the same, as many requirements are necessary, documents such as mills certificate, quality certificate and wide information that must be settled in the application to obtain such authorization from the Ministry of Economy.

This will imply more work load for companies importing that kind of goods, in addition of causing delays due to the regulation will be by customs declaration, this means it will not cover an operations’ time period or an amount of operations, that is why it is considered a more complex regulation than the companies will be facing if it is published in the Official Gazette.

“Before this, Index informed in an announcement that they are fulfilled the required negotiations to try of having a facilitation scheme to be able to apply this regulation and said that up to now it was achieved that at least for a two weeks period is not published.

“In theory and just as the draft is if it is published, it will be entering five days after its publishing.  Only for the permit, to obtain it, once it is applied before the Ministry of Economy which is through the VUCEM, and three days to obtain it,” said Bermea.



In other important aspects, Lorenzo Bermea shared that another important topic is the one of Guarantees for Temporary Imports, which is a new regulation that is also in draft.  There is an extension for official standards, there is also a new extension for decentralized electronic payment.

Bermea also addressed the important aspects regarding the 5th Rules Resolution for 2018, which are still valid in 2019.  Those make interesting modifications, such as a new regulation for consolidated customs declarations.

“All those regulations are to limit commerce more, to have greater control especially on sensitive goods; and within sensitive, especially those of steel,” assured Lorenzo Bermea.