Reinfro Matamoros

Created inside an industrial group with more than 26 years of experience in manufacturing, REINFRO was established in 1995, by Abelardo Gonzalez Barron president and founder of the company.


The company was created to cover the need of a specific industrial sector, the “metal finishing” and that in turn it understood the automotive industry requirements and consistently fulfilled its expectations


After several years of being constituted as an independent company REINFRO continues fulfilling the needs of an increasingly customers base that strives for being a complete center of single termination for the customers to whom it works.  With strict polices of continuous improvement, has developed and improver systems and processes which turns them in an organization of surface finishes and world-class coatings.


Currently, REINFRO has three industrial plants; one is located in Finsa Oriente, another one in Ciudad Industrial and one more in Brownsville, Texas.  Employing more than 100 jobs.


REINFRO exports its production towards the automotive Industry established in the United States, which are its main customers.  The Matamoros strategic location as it borders with the United States and being a link with the interior of the Mexican Republic, was the main reason for REINFRO to establish in the city.




Reinfro is a company that seeks to be reinvented every day, combining the industrial experience with technological innovation, resulting in a high quality product.


The coatings company offers a wide range of innovative solutions to satisfy the manufacturing needs of its customers, in the coating area, plating and special finishes.  Currently, new automated processes are used in the phosphate and zinc / nickel production lines, which ensure the completion and improve the quality of the product.