Caterpillar began operations in Nuevo Laredo in 1988, as a result of a Project made to explore the maquila concept, this company has always been conservative and arrived with the objective of seeing the maquila incentive program and launched it 30 years ago.

It was a small project at the beginning, they began operations on a 20 thousand square feet plant and with no more than 30 employees on a leased building in a city industrial area; for 1994, Caterpillar had already transferred its operations to a 70 thousand square feet building and grew to 120 employees.  Ten years after starting operations they constructed a building owned by Caterpillar which had 105 thousand square feet and 200 employees in the city.  Currently, the campus occupies 3 remanufacturing plants, a logistics center and little more than 2 thousand people (including personnel working in the remanufacturing and logistics area working for Caterpillar in the city,” and have about 600 thousand square feet of infrastructure.

Caterpillar Reman is located at FINSA Park and has 600 employees focused on manufacturing nozzles; one last plant is in Oradel Park where they remanufacturing gears, alternators, particle filters, electronic tablets, and hydraulic engine parts; there are 1,800 employees in Nuevo Laredo.


The division to which Caterpillar belongs in Nuevo Laredo is of remanufacturing, which implies – in addition of the traditional manufacturing processes – one known as ‘reverse logistics’ where components or assemblies that lose their useful life on field is returned (through this process of reverse logistics) to the plant where remanufacturing will take place.

The entire process begins when pieces arrive to be disassembled completely, afterward they go through a washing process and repair of those parts needed to be repaired; after this step, the product is assembled as it was new. 

Caterpillar in Nuevo Laredo manufactures nozzles and the entire process must be done in a clean room due to specifications – which in this case are microns – to have an idea a micron equals 1/17 of hair thickness, therefore specifications in this process have to be as clean as possible.


“We have mutually benefited, Nuevo Laredo community and Caterpillar, this plant is one of the most successful in the corporation that generates excellent financial results as well as operative; from a safety point of view it is one of the safest plants, in fact it has received an award granted by corporate president on safety for five consecutive years – the safest plant worldwide – taking into account that the company has more than 500 locations around the world.  Additionally, Nuevo Laredo plant has acquired the Quality Award from the corporate twice,” said Luis Hernandez Garcia, general operations manager at Caterpillar Nuevo Laredo.

The Best Employment Brand

Claudia Contreras Faz, human resources manager for Caterpillar plants in Nuevo Laredo said that for operations celebrating 30 years represents the consolidation of the company in the community, and not only from a business point of view, as it has been a successful business model throughout its history.

From work rights and conditions perspective, Caterpillar Nuevo Laredo has achieved locating as the ‘Best Employment Brand’ in the past years on the region and that is something all employees are proud of, as they have worked together to build the best place to work.

“Our working conditions are above many other industries not only in Nuevo Laredo but in the region.  We are a reference point for our sister plants in Mexico and this is due mostly to Caterpillar practices regarding employees’ rights and work conditions respect,” this was explained by Claudia Contreras, and added that efforts regarding women, young people, people with disabilities and people with different backgrounds, make Caterpillar Nuevo Laredo standout as an innovative, flexible and happy workforce.

“There is no higher goal the organization pursuits than promoting an inclusive culture, to be healthy and happy,” Claudia said.