More job opportunities in Matamoros


The company Avant Manufacturing de Mexico, leader in Hardware manufacturing, fulfills an expansion of its current plant located in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.  The expansion consists in 20 thousand square feet and will employee approximately 70 people.


Avant Manufacturing de Mexico is the only manufacturer of memories RAM and hard disks in solid state (SSD) of high performance.


The American company is leader in Hardware manufacturing for computer equipment.  Regarding the process for the manufacturing of storage electronic equipment, Avant is characterized for being highly smart, agile and promoted by information, capable of quickly responding to change, by using the connected sensor networks and data analysis and completely digitalized processes customized, reach a daily production of 25 thousand units.


Its presence in different countries includes 6 plants located in Denver, Dallas, Miami, Brazil, Mexico and its mother company in Austin; in turn they export their product to places as the United States, Singapore, Germany, Ukraine, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.


Expanding their operations plant

An investment of 750 thousand to 1 million dollars per year were required for the fulfillment of this new production line and it will have three production areas, dedicated to the manufacturing of mechanical assemblies that will complement part of the elaboration of hardware which currently are assembled at the plant.  The new production line will have the capability of producing about 75 thousand to 100 thousand products per month.


The company, which opened its doors in Matamoros on 2015 and that today has three years after its settlement, has been in constant growth and the new expansion of the area shows that one of the benefits the company is providing to the community is the generation of job sources, as well as the incorporation of new customers to their company will increase the monthly production.


The profile required to work inside the company are electronic technicians or engineers in electronics, mechatronics or electromechanical.


At the beginning the plant was established in a space of 50 thousand square feet, currently it has a space of 103 thousand 300 square feet for the expansion due to growth and employs 480 employees.


A company with opportunities

The company leader in Hardware manufacturing is a company that provides opportunities of having a career inside the company.  “We hire personnel and usually we do not require them to have experience, the reason is very simple, we train them and provide them the opportunity of climbing steps, we do the same with youngsters graduated from technical schools or universities,” said Andres Trevino Vazquez, general manager of Avant Manufacturing in Matamoros.  He added that the required profile to work in the company are Electronic Technicians or Electronic; mechatronic or electromechanical Engineering.


Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community

One of the values of Avant is being a socially responsible company with the community, as a corporate value they seek creating a culture with diversity.  In Avant they seek creating a culture of equality and teamwork where there is no difference, for that, they implement two programs to work inside the company; in the first one are areas exclusively for people with disabilities and the second program was just implemented 6 months ago approximately, and it has to do with the hiring of elderly people, which are included to be part of the team to work.

Name: Avant Manufacturing de Mexico

City: Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Employees: 480

Infrastructure: 103,300 square feet         

Products: Hardware